4 Getting Sober Myths That Just Aren’t True

Willow Place on February 12, 2020
4 Getting Sober Myths That Just Aren’t True

If you’re just starting your journey to recovery, or you’re thinking about how sobriety may be beneficial to you, you could have some presumptions about sobriety. Whether these presumptions come from friends, books, television shows, or even your own mind, some of your expectations about sobriety are bound to be untrue. But, since your mentality is crucial to a healthy and successful sobriety journey, it’s good to sort out myth from fact. This way, your mentality about sobriety isn’t impacted by falsity right off the bat. And, you can better understand what you can expect when it comes to getting sober.

Myth #1: Sobriety Means No More Fun

Many people dread the thought of sobriety because they think it means no more fun is to be had. And, to an extent, they’re right. You won’t have fun getting wasted, passing out, and not remembering the night before. You also won’t have fun regretting what you said or did the night before.

When it comes to addiction, you’re past having “fun” with your drug of choice. While others may be able to use alcohol or other substances routinely to party or have fun, if you’re dependent on your substance, your drug use looks different. The “fun” you think you’re having may just be the stress relief your drug of choice provides.

So, no, you won’t be able to have fun in the way that you were previously used to. You won’t be able to go out drinking with your girlfriends or get wasted on your summer trip. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in other ways. You’ll just have to learn how to have fun without your drug of choice. While this may take some time to get used to…you will. And, eventually, you’ll question why you thought sitting around with your friends drinking until you blackout was ever “fun” to begin with.

Myth #2: You Won’t Be Able to Find Love

Many people think it’s awkward to jump into the dating scene sober. They think it’s a turn off to have to tell someone that they’re no longer drinking because they’re in recovery. However, you’d be surprised to say that for many looking to find love, that’s actually a plus. And, not only is it good for people you’ll likely look to date, but it’s good for you too. Without the distraction of drugs or alcohol, you’ll be able to make better judgments about the people you’re dating. And, identify signs that a person may be right or wrong for you more easily. So, while getting sober may affect your love life in some way, it won’t hurt it – it’s just another change you’ll have to adjust to eventually.

Myth #3: You Won’t Have Any Friends

4 Getting Sober Myths That Just Aren’t True | Willow Place One of the most common things people worry about when they decide to get sober is how they’ll lose all their friends. And, how they won’t be able to make any new friends they click with. People worry about who they’ll turn to once they put the bottle down. When you’re surrounded by friends who use drugs and drink, it can be a scary idea to just walk away from them.

And, you’re right – it’s never easy pulling away from those who no longer have your best interest in mind. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find new friends who value their own sobriety. And, that doesn’t mean that the new friends you find won’t be even better than your old ones.

When you find new friends in recovery, you’ll find people who share the same lifestyle as you. So, you can begin to learn how to have fun without drinking or using drugs together. Furthermore, when you have friends who don’t drink or abuse drugs, you’ll likely find that they’re more responsible. This means no more flaking out, having to care for them when they go overboard or dealing with the lies and manipulation that comes with addiction.

So, while you may have to come to terms with letting a few friends go, you also have the new friends you’ll make on your recovery journey to look forward to meeting!

Myth #4: You’ll Have to Change as a Person

When you think of someone who’s sober, who do you picture? Most of the time, people think that sober people can’t make a mistake. Or, have to change who they are to maintain sobriety. But, that’s not the truth. The fact of the matter is that even when you’re sober, you’re still yourself. And, you don’t have to change who you are, your desires, or your passions just because you got clean.

While it can turn you off when you see a picture-perfect person in recovery acting like they have all of everything in their life held together, it’s important to remember that everyone’s experience differs. And, that just because someone’s life looks perfect from the outside, it often isn’t. And, even if it is, that person may have gone through some awful things to get to the point they are. So, don’t be discouraged when you see that people have changed as a result of their sobriety. And, don’t think that you have to change yourself as a person to get sober – because you absolutely don’t!

Getting Sober Despite the Myths

If you’re pondering all the myths that come with getting sober, you’re either in early recovery or you’re curious about getting sober. So, if you’re just starting out, don’t give up…things do get better! There is an adjustment period for getting sober. Things are changing, and it gets hard sometimes to get used to these changes. But, eventually, this will become your new normal. And, you’ll be so glad you never listened to all the myths about sobriety!

If you’re curious about what sobriety looks like, you may still be struggling with active addiction. If so, there is help available to you. And, people who can guide you to a life of sobriety.

4 Getting Sober Myths That Just Aren’t True | Willow Place

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