5 Influential Women Who Quit Drinking Alcohol

Willow Place on November 28, 2017
5 Influential Women Who Quit Drinking Alcohol

When you quit drinking alcohol, you may feel like you have entered a strange world where everyone is “normal” except for you. Alcohol use and abuse are so widely accepted in our society that it is often considered strange not to drink. In fact, it is a wonderful move for your body and mind and overall well-being, and you always have the right to turn down a drink that is offered to you.

If you feel like you are alone in your new sober world, don’t! There are literally thousands of people who have decided to quit drinking alcohol before you, and thousands more will come after you. It is important to seek these people out and build a support system made up of other sober individuals. They will be able to help you through the tough times.

Did you know there are a number of female celebrities who don’t drink alcohol also? You may assume everyone who is well off and famous parties like crazy, but that isn’t the case. There are plenty of celebs who say no to alcohol for various reasons, and it hasn’t put a dent in their success or social life. As a matter of fact, it made things way better for them!

5 Female Celebrities Who Quit Drinking Alcohol

  1. Eva Mendes quit drinking after going to rehab in 2008. She was finding herself drinking too frequently and too heavily and reached the point where it needed to come to an end. After her stint at a treatment center in Utah, she has managed to remain clean, and has been doing great personally and professionally ever since.
  2. Melanie Griffith had her fair share of struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, namely cocaine. She’s been to rehab a few times, beginning in the late 1980s and most recently in 2009. This last time, her daughters convinced her to get the help she so badly needed, and she has been sober and better off for it ever since.
  3. Kelly Osbourne knows a thing or two about substance abuse, thanks to her parents and her own experience with alcohol and drug addiction. She has quit everything, even quit drinking alcohol, in order to move forward and better her life. Alcohol, was, in fact, holding her back. Her appearance and success to-date is a true testament to her sobriety.
  4. Jamie Lee Curtis calls quitting alcohol the biggest accomplishment of her life. This is coming from someone who has seen true success and has accomplished a TON. She has said “Being courageous enough to acknowledge it with my family and friends and then talking about it publicly. That is the single greatest accomplishment of my life.
  5. Jada Pinkett Smith quit drinking alcohol cold turkey after she realized she was spending more time with wine on her couch – alone – than with family, friends, loved ones, or participating in activities she used to enjoy. She recognized that she had a problem and gave up drinking then and there, and has figured out the tools she needs to address her issues without the aid of alcohol.

Getting Help to Quit Drinking Alcohol

As you can see, these are all women who went through a crisis – alcohol abuse. And were able to give it up and move past it. Many of them have seen a positive influence in their career and even their social life. Alcohol is never a necessity for anything, as much as society may advertise that it is.

If you think you need to quit drinking alcohol, don’t let your fear of being “different” or “abnormal” stop you. As time goes by, you will realize how much fun you can have sober. And that alcohol doesn’t need to be a part of your life. And, it will be so worth it.

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