5 Ways to Work on Learning to Love Yourself More

Willow Place on May 27, 2020
5 Ways to Work on Learning to Love Yourself More

While it’s important for each person to strive to take care of and love oneself, this is especially true for people living with eating disorders. When we work on self-love during recovery, we’re more likely to want to continue our healing journey. And, benefit most from the things we do to maintain our mental wellbeing. But, unfortunately, loving yourself more can be easier said than done. In these instances, it’s vital to remember that the best thing to do is take action. Thankfully, there are a few things that can stimulate learning to love yourself more.

In this article, we list five ways to work on loving yourself more you can use during your daily life.

Remember to Think Positively

When you’re thinking negatively about everything, you’re also thinking negatively about yourself. Eating disorders come with negative self-thoughts; it’s their nature. Negative thoughts on the self image can be more easily accessible to individuals living with eating disorders than positive ones. So, when these negative thoughts come, remember to balance each one out with a positive thought about yourself. Thus, reminding yourself to remain positive about your body, your image, and yourself.

Remember to Address Your Needs

Everybody needs things to maintain a healthy mindset. So, when you work on giving yourself and your body what you need, it’s easier to remain positive and love yourself. This means listening to your body. For example, getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and even taking some time just to spend doing what you love most. All too often, our eating disorders can persuade us that our needs don’t need addressing. But, to love yourself, you must give yourself what you truly need to not only survive but to thrive.

Remember to Spend Your Time Wisely

5 Ways to Work on Learning to Love Yourself MoreAre you constantly doing things to make others happy? Do you say yes to hanging out with people who drain you or lead you in the wrong direction? Are you participating in things that you don’t morally agree with or give you stress? Spending your time the right way is crucial to how you’ll feel; not only about yourself but about your life. So, don’t do things that bring you more harm than good. Don’t hang out with people who don’t have your best interest in mind. And, do more things that YOU love to do. Surely, spending more time doing the things that bring you peace and comfort can help with learning to love yourself.

Remember to Forgive Yourself

Another thing you can do while learning to love yourself is to work on forgiveness of things you’ve done to yourself in the past. Just like any relationship, the one with yourself can pack some baggage. And, it requires forgiveness before it can heal and you can move on. When we don’t forgive ourselves, we can bottle up resentment. And, learning to love yourself will just be even harder. So, to work on this type of forgiveness, practice actively forgiving yourself, whether out loud, written down, or through meditation.

Remember to Surround Yourself With Love

Sometimes, all it takes for us to love ourselves a little more is a reminder from the ones who love us that we are indeed lovable. Therefore, remember to spend time with your family, loved ones, and supportive community members who know how amazing you truly are. When you love the ones who love you, you can gain feelings of self-worth – as you are providing others with that same love you receive from them. So, even in the times that it’s hardest to love yourself, reach out to those who will remind you of how much you really mean to the world.

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