Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment the Right Program for You?

Willow Place on July 25, 2018
Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment the Right Program for You?

Substance abuse is not an easy thing to overcome. People all over the world have found this to be true in their lives. It’s hard to break harmful cycles and develop healthier habits. Recovery requires destroying negative cognitive behaviors. It means rebuilding your life and creating a new “normal” for yourself. All of these things can be very challenging. That’s why individualized treatment for addiction is so important for those who are going through recovery. One type of program that can help people to overcome substance abuse is outpatient addiction treatment. This method of treatment offers people in recovery many benefits and can help to make the recovery process successful.

What’s an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program?

An outpatient addiction treatment program may also be known as an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for addiction. This kind of program involves treatment and therapy for people who are recovering from substance abuse. In some recovery centers, people enroll in an IOP after they’ve completed a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Outpatient addiction treatment is a program that makes it easier for people in recovery to transition into life after substance abuse. Since it’s outpatient, people in recovery can continue to work or take care of other duties while they’re getting treatment. Patients can still receive the care and therapy they might have had in inpatient treatment or a PHP.

Here’s Why an IOP Might Work For You

Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment the Right Program for You?Outpatient addiction treatment can provide many benefits for people in recovery. A person who is enrolled in a program like this can uphold her responsibilities while still getting the help she needs to overcome addiction. Sometimes, people avoid getting treatment because they are afraid that they may have to live at their recovery facility. Or, they wish to continue working or living at home while they get treatment. An IOP allows people to have a more flexible schedule. This might be one of most helpful parts of treatment for people in these situations. While we’re talking about working, there’s another reason people choose not to get help for substance abuse. Some people fear that they won’t be able to afford treatment. But, outpatient addiction treatment is actually less expensive than inpatient treatment.

Many people don’t want to enroll in an inpatient program because they don’t want to be apart from their families. It’s important to surround yourself with people who care for you and will hold you accountable. Sometimes, your family, friends, and community are your main supporters. So, staying close to those people may help you to succeed in recovery. Outpatient addiction treatment allows you to do that. This kind of treatment also allows people to use the skills they learn in therapy. They can use the coping skills they’ve worked to develop as they transition into their everyday lives. But, they still have the chance to continue to work through issues with their therapists. An IOP also involves the family in treatment through family therapy.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment at Willow Place

If you have a substance problem, what’s preventing you from getting treatment? Do you have some of the concerns that we talked about earlier? If so, then outpatient addiction treatment just might be the right choice for you. Here at Willow Place for Women, we understand that the recovery process is different for everyone. Each person in recovery has her own needs. So, we provide our clients with several different treatment options. We work to meet every need and help our clients to overcome addiction for good. If you’re ready to recover from substance abuse and start a new life, just reach out to us today.

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