All About Process Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Willow Place on July 19, 2018
All About Process Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment involves a lot of different parts. Those who are in recovery have various needs. Not all of them can be met through the detox process. Even after the substance use has ended, people need to be equipped with education about the problem they are working on overcoming. More simply put, there’s much more beneath the surface of addiction. That’s where therapy comes in. Treatment should include addiction therapy, both individual and group, so that people can gain a deeper understanding of what they’re going through. One of the types of therapy that can help people while they’re in addiction treatment is process group therapy.

What is Process Group Therapy

This kind of therapy involves sessions where a small group of people will meet with therapists. In process group therapy meetings, people can discuss the things they’re going through and encourage one another. They can talk about their personal journeys to recovery, express their feelings and emotions, share helpful information, and simply support each other. You could think of the purpose of process group therapy as a way to give people in a recovery a place to “check in”. this therapy method as a way for individuals to talk about their struggles and victories. People can also discuss their goals and desires as they proceed on their road to total freedom from addiction.

How Therapy Helps in Addiction Treatment

All About Process Group Therapy for Addiction TreatmentProcess group therapy can be a big help to those who are in addiction recovery. It can offer them many benefits, including:

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Social skill building
  • Trust building
  • Safe space to share feelings
  • Opportunity to set goals
  • Encouragement

When a person is involved in process group therapy, she can learn from the experiences of others. This helps to let her know that she is not alone in her struggling. It also allows her to realize that she can certainly make it through the treatment process. Having the encouragement and support of others can truly be a game-changer. A strong community of people who have the same goals and the same mindset can be exactly what people in recovery need. Process group therapy helps to create that community for people in recovery.

Now, we’ve talked about how people in therapy can get the support that they need. But, process group therapy also gives people the opportunity to give encouragement and support to others who are in recovery. Believe it or not, people who are in recovery can get a lot of strength from simply being there for others. There is a sense of camaraderie that comes with helping one another. So, therapy is not just for the benefit of the individual. It’s for the entire group. When people who are in addiction recovery show support for one another, they create for themselves a chance to make a positive impact on their peers. In doing so, they make more progress in their recovery journey than they even realize!

Recovering From Addiction at Willow Place

Here at Willow Place for Women, we believe that there is hope for the women who come to us for help. We know that the process of recovering from addiction is a long and hard one. We understand the struggles you may face as you take the first step in the direction of recovery. But, we also know that you are not in this battle alone. We are here to help you as you make the transition that will change your life for the better. Our facility offers many options for addiction treatment, including process group therapy. So, if you are ready to make the biggest and best change of your life, just contact us today.

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