You May Want to Learn About This Addiction Group Therapy

Willow Place on May 28, 2018
You May Want to Learn About This Addiction Group Therapy

When people think about addiction group therapy, they may wonder if it will help them. Often, people are slightly put off by the idea of sharing their struggles with others. The very thought of sitting in a group setting while going through treatment can make people uncomfortable. But, here at Willow Place for Women, our goal is to help you find freedom from harmful habits. And, sometimes, the best help comes from addiction group therapy. One of the therapy methods we use is acceptance and commitment group therapy.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Group Therapy?

This kind of therapy is often called ACT. It’s a type of behavioral therapy that encourages mindfulness in the clients. To practice mindfulness means to be present and focused on the matter at hand. Therapy shouldn’t be something that causes the mind to wander here and there. It should be a means of centering the person in recovery. It should bring all factors of the person into unity and cause true thought to take place. Acceptance and commitment group therapy seeks to do just that. Let’s talk a little about what this kind of addiction group therapy is and how it works.

The first thing to note about ACT therapy is actually in the name itself. Acceptance and commitment are two very important parts of a successful recovery. Before a person can really begin the road to recovery, she has to accept the fact that she needs help. If she doesn’t acknowledge that, then therapy won’t be helpful. She must also accept the truth that addiction is strong. In a sense, addiction is stronger than any of us. That’s why it’s impossible to beat on our own. It’s why treatment is needed. Once these truths are realized and accepted, the individual can move on with recovery.

In addition to acceptance, commitment is another major part of recovery. The person in treatment has to commit to a lifestyle change. She needs to be dedicated to a life of sobriety and freedom from hurtful patterns. Once, she has truly committed to this, relapse is less likely to happen. Devotion to treatment and recovery are definitely keys to unlocking the amazing life that sobriety offers.

How Does This Addiction Group Therapy Work?

Contrary to what people may think, addiction group therapies are usually very much about the individual. Through learning about others, we can learn about ourselves. In this kind of addiction group therapy, members can develop in the areas of acceptance and commitment together. Group settings help to build accountability and community. In a group meeting, people can share their experiences and gather information from one another. This is especially helpful in ACT. Members can learn how to accept the truth about their struggles and help each other gain a strong commitment to recovery. Again, this is a great way to get a sense of accountability. If you mention your goals and plans out loud, you may feel more obligated to carry them out. And, having others around you can help encourage you to stick with it.

Recovering at Willow Place For Women

Willow Place for Women is a facility that helps women to overcome the pain of addiction and eating disorders. We know that there are many challenges along the way. That’s why we provide so many different types of therapy and treatment. We are dedicated to seeing our patients succeed. And, that means we’re devoted to providing the care each individual needs. Do you think ACT is an addiction group therapy that can help you? If so, please don’t wait. Contact us today.

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