Supportive Therapies


This supportive therapy is beginning to appear in most treatment facilities which address drug addiction or dependence. And, that’s because of the many benefits it provides. While it might seem like an extreme method, this type of therapy is actually very simple. And, usually painless.

What is Acupuncture Therapy?

Asheville Opioid Addiction Treatment | Willow Place for WomenAcupuncture is a type of therapy which uses needle insertion into superficial layers of the skin. By inserting these needles into specific areas of the skin, it’s believed to help reduce symptoms of a number of conditions. These specific areas are known as “points”, and each point is believed to address a specific condition or ailment. Stimulating these areas with acupuncture needles is said to bring about a balance that all holistic medicine aims to achieve.

Acupuncture dates back thousands of years. While the originators of this practice are unknown, we do know that it originates from ancient China. Historically, acupuncture was believed to help the flow of “Qi”, which is an energy which can lead to the development of everyday health ailments and mental issues. However, today, people believe that acupuncture stimulates specific systems of the body (nervous system, cardiovascular, skeletal, etc.) to promote natural healing.

Acupuncture Used in Treatment for Addiction and Eating Disorders

Most individuals who use acupuncture as a method of therapy during addiction treatment experience positive results. While people do not necessarily know why these results occur, some research points to the fact that acupuncture can increase dopamine and serotonin production. The brain naturally produces both dopamine and serotonin chemicals. The brain uses these chemicals are reward for specific human behaviors meant for survival. Ironically, the brain also releases the same chemicals when a person uses drugs and alcohol. And, what is responsible for the feelings of euphoria amongst drug users. But, once the body is dependent on the utilized substances, it no longer releases dopamine or serotonin when it is naturally supposed to.

The result of limited dopamine and serotonin release may include a negative outlook on life, apathy, depression, and anxiety. All of these negative emotions and outcomes put a person’s recovery in jeopardy. So, the natural dopamine and serotonin production and release due to acupuncture therapy can greatly help individuals in treatment. Those who utilize the therapy report a better outlook on treatment outcomes, easier managed moods, and a reduction of stress and anxiety. Additional benefits of acupuncture in addiction treatment may include:Asheville Opioid Addiction Treatment | Willow Place for Women

  • A reduction of cravings for alcohol or other drugs
  • Increases chances of completing treatment
  • Reduces symptoms of physical pain, even chronic
  • Helps to manage healthy sleep patterns
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Helps to manage moods and emotions

Acupuncture Available for Women at The Willow Place for Women

Here at our daytime outpatient program for women struggling with eating disorders and/or addiction, we believe that women seeking support for these issues should have a number of therapies available to them. And, one of these important therapies is acupuncture. We invite any and all of our treatment participants to take advantage of this ancient practice. If you’re ready to take the next step on the road to recovery, our facility, located in North Carolina, is ready to help you enroll! See what the benefits of gender-specific and individualized treatment can have on your life!

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