Can Addictive Personality Traits Really Lead to Addiction?

Willow Place on December 14, 2016
Can Addictive Personality Traits Really Lead to Addiction?

Can Addictive Personality Traits Really Lead to Addiction?

Someone with addictive personality traits will be at a higher risk for developing an addiction. Have you ever wondered why some people can drink a few glasses and then go on to bed, but others don’t know when to stop? It is because some people are more prone to addiction by having a personality that is characteristically high-risk for developing an addiction. Examining addictive personality traits in your life can help you determine if you are more prone to addiction than others.

Do Addictive Personality Traits Always Lead to Addiction?

Although some people may have personality traits that seem characteristic of an addict, addiction is not always the outcome. But, for most that have addictive personality traits, using drugs or alcohol, pornography, gambling, or anything else that can form a dependence can increase the likelihood of addiction in that person’s life. To prevent addiction in anyone, no matter their personality traits, it is best to refrain from using drugs or engaging in consequential behaviors that could lead to addiction.

Addictive Personality Traits

Acting on Impulse: Have you ever met someone that told you they are on a diet and then hours later is shoving cookies in their mouth? The chances are that person is prone to impulsive behaviors. Those that show this trait are more likely to act on impulse when offered drugs or alcohol instead of considering the consequences.

Seeking out Pleasure: The adventurous type that is always trying to find a good time is more likely to try drugs that sooth pleasure receptors in the brain. Those that are after a good adrenaline rush won’t mind the dangers of using drugs or alcohol. This is because, to them, having fun is more important than the consequences of their actions.

Introvertive: Those that alienate themselves socially are more apt to using drugs or alcohol. This type of personality trait usually does not hold social values and standards of high importance. This means they are less likely to view the use of drugs or alcohol as a negative thing. So, they are more likely to use them and develop addictions.

Do you have Addictive Personality Traits?

If you have some, or even one, of these traits, it does not necessarily mean that you have an addiction. But, it does mean that you should be more careful. Especially when facing the opportunity to take part in activities that could be harmful to you in the long run. This includes anything that may form a dependence. If you think that you or your loved one with these addictive personality traits does have an addiction, treatment is successful in helping those that want it to help. Are you ready to get the help that you need to rid your life of addiction? The Willow Place for Women can offer to teach you the skills you require to live an addiction-free life! Contact us today at 561-512-1605 to learn more.

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