During treatment, individuals are educated and work on discovering helpful methods of recovery. However, treatment is just one of the first steps of recovery. And the hardest part of recovery for any mental health issue isn’t the beginning, it’s throughout the recovery itself. While treatment is necessary and effective in helping individuals, aftercare is just as important to establish healthy living routines and establish lasting recovery.

Continuing Care for Eating Disorders

Once treatment ends, negative thought patterns and behaviors may still be an issue for women affected by eating disorders. So, continued support can keep them on the right track to dealing with these issues on a daily basis. Treatment may only last 30 days. While you can certainly learn a lot in a month, changing your entire self-perception may take a little while longer. And that’s okay! As long as individuals are optimistic about their chances of remaining healthy and battling their eating disorder issues, they have a chance obtaining full recovery. Here at The Willow Place for Women, we offer a number of aftercare opportunities to help individuals recovering from eating disorders. These opportunities may include:

Asheville Addiction Treatment Aftercare | Willow Place for WomenCounseling: Individuals have the opportunity to schedule individualized counseling sessions with eating disorder therapists as a part of aftercare planning. Being able to process what has happened throughout the week with a therapist can be essential to understanding what to do in real life situations. So, this is a helpful tool for individuals who have already graduated from an eating disorder treatment program.

Meetings: Support groups and skill meetings are a great way for treatment alumni to keep focused on eating disorder recovery. Plus, they’re also a great way to meet peers with similar experiences who can become helpful support.

Supportive Therapies: Individuals who have graduated from our treatment tracks can still take advantage of some of the supportive therapy options like meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and massage.

Continuing Care for Substance Abuse

Just as 30 days may not be enough for an individual dealing with an eating disorder to learn all they need about recovery, the same goes for individuals who have received treatment for substance abuse disorder. Once treatment concludes, it doesn’t mean that individuals will never deal with addiction again. In fact, most individuals who have been through substance abuse treatment WILL relapse and revert back to addictive behaviors. This makes it even more important to plan for and invest in substance abuse aftercare. Some of the substance abuse aftercare services we offer here at The Willow Place for Women include:

Asheville Addiction Treatment Aftercare | Willow Place for Women

Counseling: One-on-one counseling can be very helpful for individuals who need support after addiction treatment concludes. When individuals deal with relapse or have begun the process of relapse, immediate intervention can help to prevent the physical act of using drugs so that individuals can go back to recovery. Treatment alumni from The Willow Place for Women will always have the support of addiction specialists whenever needed throughout recovery.

12 Step Meetings: Individuals who have graduated treatment can benefit greatly from 12 step meetings. Here, people can share their addiction testimonies, gain supportive friends, and learn more about living in recovery and maintaining successful sobriety.

Sober Living: For individuals who don’t wish to go back to their home state or need additional support once treatment concludes are recommended sober living homes. These environments are extremely helpful in getting individuals used to a sober routine. They also aid in keeping individuals focused on sobriety by providing house rules and regulations, administering drug tests, and mandating regular recovery meetings.

Need Aftercare Services?

Don’t choose a treatment facility that you think you can be done with quickly and get back to your life faster. Choose one that actually cares about your well being and the success of your recovery. Here at The Willow Place for Women, we care about each and every individual who walks through our doors looking for redemption, healing, and self-love. That’s why we don’t just let our treatment graduates leave without any preparation. We offer aftercare services intended to help these individuals assimilate back into society successfully!

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