Addressing Some Challenges of Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Willow Place on May 15, 2018
Addressing Some Challenges of Alcohol Addiction Recovery

It’s hard to recover from an alcohol problem. Many people find that it’s nearly impossible to recover without professional help. But, whether the person goes through a supervised detox or goes “cold turkey,” alcohol addiction recovery is hard work. It’s not always comfortable. It’s not always easy. But, one thing is for sure. Since going cold turkey is not the safest way to stop drinking, receiving professional help provides hope. No matter the challenges of alcohol addiction recovery, complete healing is absolutely possible. Let’s take a look at some of the difficult parts of recovery.

The Hard Parts of Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Often, people struggle as they attempt to stop drinking. Many individuals who are going through alcohol addiction recovery suffer from the effects of withdrawal. Treatment usually offers people a way to detox without feeling too many physical withdrawal symptoms. Individuals may not feel the illnesses or aches and pains that come with withdrawing from alcohol. But, they might still feel the physiological effects.

When a person has become dependent on a substance, she might feel like she needs that substance. She may think that she can’t be completely comfortable without it. She may have been using alcohol as a way to escape from grief, depression, anxiety, or stress. Perhaps, she drank too much in response to a traumatic experience. She may have used the substance as a coping method. When going through treatment, the individual will be faced with those issues. But, she won’t be able to escape those feelings by drinking alcohol. Treatment seeks to teach people to cope in other, healthier ways. This, of course, is a major challenge for some people during alcohol addiction recovery.

Just like those negative emotions, positive feelings can encourage people to drink. How often do you see drinks at a birthday party or wedding? What about a graduation get-together? It’s common to see people drink excessively when they’re in celebration mode. Those who are in alcohol addiction recovery face the challenge of staying sober, even in exciting moments.

A difficult part of recovery is social life. Even when treatment is over, the recovery process will continue. The person who has gone through treatment will still be around people who drink. She may attend events where there are alcoholic beverages. It can be very hard to avoid relapse when situations like this come up.

Another challenge people have when they’re going through alcohol addiction recovery is discouragement. Relapse happens sometimes. But, it should never get in the way of complete recovery. Unfortunately, it does lead people to become discouraged. And, sometimes, it even causes people to give up. Discouragement can also stem from guilt or shame. Even when people are doing well abstaining from alcohol, they struggle with the shame of their past mistakes and choices. This often makes it a little harder to get through treatments.

Finally, those in recovery often struggle to find their purpose. A woman who has been addicted to alcohol for a while may have focused almost entirely on alcohol. She may have lost her job because of this problem. Or, perhaps, she lost the trust of her spouse, children, or other family members. But, she found her purpose in searching for the next drink. After detox and treatment, she may not know exactly what to do or how to live. She may be too afraid to make amends with her loved ones. This is a big challenge for many people in alcohol addiction recovery.

Facing the Challenges of Recovery

A lot of these challenges exist in all types of addiction recovery processes. People who have fought with eating disorders or suffered from drug dependencies all face these and other challenges. But, with the help of a professional care facility, people can have freedom from substance abuse.

Are you struggling with substance abuse? Or do you know someone else who is? If so, don’t wait any longer. Call Willow Place for Women today. Let’s face the challenges of alcohol addiction recovery together.

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