About Alcoholism: When Alcohol Use Becomes a Problem

Willow Place on November 5, 2018
About Alcoholism: When Alcohol Use Becomes a Problem

Alcohol use is common in our communities. Most people have a drink here and there. Unfortunately, alcohol is identified as one of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States. Many believe that, since this substance is so easily accessible, more people become dependent on it. Whether or not this is the case, the truth still stands: alcohol use has become a major problem in the lives of many of its users. And, sadly, many individuals are unsure of the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and addiction. Because of this, alcohol use often becomes a problem before people even realize what’s happening. Eventually, the problems lead to even more issues. And, before a person knows it, she’s suffering from an alcohol addiction.

So, how do we stop the problem from getting out of hand? How do we help those who may be at risk for developing an alcohol use problem? The answer is simple: education. As people discover the truth about alcoholism, they can gain a better understanding of what they’re dealing with. As a result, individuals and their families can work to overcome addiction together. Not only can people recover from the issue, but they can also avoid and prevent relapse. But it all starts with learning. So, let’s talk a little bit about what it looks like when alcohol use becomes a problem. We’ll also discuss ways to overcome alcoholism for good.

How Does Alcohol Use Turn Into Addiction?

One drink rarely leads to addiction. But, many individuals begin drinking more often as time goes on. And those regular drinking habits often lead to dependence. But, how does this happen? Of course, alcohol dependence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for this problem to develop. Often, a person becomes dependent on alcohol after she’s already built a tolerance for the substance. In other words, a person’s body may get used to the way a certain amount of alcohol affects it. After a while, that amount of alcohol won’t produce the same effect. So, the individual will drink more alcohol in order to get the desired effect. As this continues to happen, the person will become physically dependent on the way alcohol makes her feel. She may also turn to alcohol use to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, or the effects of trauma. Then the dependence or addiction problem develops.

Common Signs of Alcoholism

If you’re not sure what alcohol dependence and addiction look like, there are a few signs to look for. One of the common signs of an alcohol use problem is a constant desire for alcohol. Many times, people who are dependent on this substance think about drinking first thing in the morning. Or, they may feel as if they need to drink at events they attend. Another common sign is drinking at inappropriate times. For example, a person may drink before or while she drives. Alcohol abuse and addiction also show themselves in a person’s behavior. Sometimes, people drink in secret, drink alone, and dodge questions about their drinking habits. If you are seeing any of these signs in the life of a loved one, it’s possible that she is suffering from an addiction problem.

If your loved one does, in fact, have an alcohol use problem, then it’s important to encourage her to get help. Here at Willow Place for Women, we understand the needs of our clients as they go through treatment for alcoholism. We know that our patients need emotional, physical, and mental support as they go through this process. So we work to provide this for each and every one who comes to our facility for help. For more information about our services, please contact us today by calling 1-888-651-4212.

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