Alcoholism Signs: Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

Willow Place on February 20, 2017
Alcoholism Signs: Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

In a society that practically encourages drinking alcohol, there are many individuals drinking that do not even know they are being affected by addiction. Something that can start off as an idea of harmless fun can turn into a deadly and debilitating disease, but where is that line drawn? Although there is no black and white when it comes to addiction, there are symptoms and alcoholism signs that people can pay attention to in their own lives to discover if they have a drinking problem.

Self-Medication with Alcohol

One of the most common alcoholism signs seen in addicted individuals is drinking to self-medicate. Most people that form an addiction to a substance, whether legal or not, do so because they are trying to soothe their negative emotions with the numbing effects of their drug of choice. Using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain only does so for so long. After the effects die down the negative emotions remain, the cycle of abuse continues, and the risk for an addiction raises. An example of using to self-medicate would be needing a glass of liquor to soothe stress and fall asleep after a long day. If you can’t sleep or relax without the use of alcohol, it may be one of the alcoholism signs that appear in your life.

Experiencing Memory Loss or Blackouts

Blackouts and memory loss as a result of drinking only happens to individuals who have drunk too much in a short period of time. If you are experiencing frequent blackouts as a result of consuming alcohol, you may have a problem with drinking. If it wasn’t a problem you would be able to stop drinking before memory loss occurs. Additional to blackouts, if you can’t stop drinking once you have started, it’s another sign that you may not be in control of your drinking habits and be more likely to develop an addiction.

Neglecting Responsibilities and Tasks

Do you find yourself having to take off of work or school, forgetting to pick the kids up from daycare, or becoming apathetic about hobbies that you used to have an interest in? These may be alcoholism signs in your life. Essentially, addiction is not about how alcohol affects you physically or even psychologically; it is about how it affects your life and those around you. Have you experienced consequences as a result of your neglect in responsibilities directly related to the use of alcohol like a demotion at work, legal issues, or weakened relationships? This may be due to the presence of addiction.

Drinking in Larger Amounts

Remember back to when you first started drinking. How many drinks did it take for you to feel the effects and stop for the night? Does it take you more drinks to feel the same effects currently? Having to up an alcohol dose to experience the effects is another sign of a drinking problem. This is due to the fact that the body starts to recognize alcohol in the brain. And, forms a tolerance for it. If your tolerance for alcohol has grown, you put yourself at a higher risk to develop a dependence. And eventually, an addiction to it.

Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the most distinguishable and devastating alcoholism signs is the experience of withdrawal symptoms. When an individual gains tolerance for alcohol their body starts to grow dependent on it. This means that the brain doesn’t function properly without the presence of alcohol. When an individual dependent on alcohol doesn’t drink they experience withdrawal symptoms of depression, agitation, anxiety, and nausea. If you experience these symptoms as a result of neglecting to drink alcohol, you may have a drinking problem.

Being Unsuccessful at Quitting

Last but not least, many individuals will finally discover they should stop drinking to heal their bodies, lives, and relationships. But upon doing so, they realize that it much harder said than done. If you have tried to stop drinking but failed, you are not a failure. You are just experiencing another one of the alcoholism signs. There is hope; even for those that have not been successful with going cold turkey. It takes hard work, dedication, and support to gain freedom from addiction. The Willow Place for Women helps women who experience these alcoholism signs in their lives by providing them support, therapy, and education throughout their recovery journey. Talk to an addiction specialist today to find out your options for alcohol treatment at 1-888-651-4212 today!


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