The Importance of Getting Anorexia Support

Willow Place on January 26, 2018
The Importance of Getting Anorexia Support

When you have an eating disorder, it can seem like the loneliest thing in the world. You may find yourself binging and purging secretly while suffering through your eating disorder mentally and physically in silence. Anorexia can be especially challenging because you suffer from withholding food from yourself, counting calories, and it usually coincides with depression and anxiety. It is important to know that anorexia support is out there, it is just a matter of reaching out for help.

Why You Need Anorexia Support

Just like drug or alcohol addiction, anorexia can be incredibly difficult to get over on your own. Also, the longer it goes untreated, the more chance you have of irreversibly damaging your health. When you are anorexic, you control the number of calories you consume, often to extremely minimal intake. As a result, you won’t only lose weight but you’ll also become malnourished. This can cause women to lose their period and hurt their reproductive system. Anorexia and cause damage to your hair and skin, and also you can start to develop a fuzzy-looking layer of hair on your face and other places as your body tries to compensate for the perceived starvation.

Anorexia also has a tremendous impact on your heart. Numerous young women have died from sudden cardiac events related to their anorexia, including famous models, actresses, and singers. These kinds of deaths sadly come with no warning and can happen to anyone.

Anorexia support can help you learn how to live a healthy life rather than continuing to abuse your body by starving yourself. The first thing you can do is speak to someone you trust who has your best interest in mind. Make sure that they understand the situation and are intent on helping you. Together, you can start to look for eating disorder treatment centers. And, if you don’t feel comfortable telling someone, you can always start looking on your own, although it is nice to have some personal support.

How Anorexia Support Will Help

We always recommend that you start with the most intense anorexia support possible. Meaning, that you begin with inpatient, around the clock treatment if your time permits. It is important to do everything you can to make this happen, even if you need to take time off from school or work. Trust us that it is worth it.

During treatment for anorexia, you will be taught new, healthy habits so that your eating disorder will become a thing of the past. You will also be treated for any underlying medical conditions so that your body becomes stronger and has the chance to heal. You may also be diagnosed with a mood disorder if applicable since conditions like anxiety and depression often coincide with anorexia.

During treatment, we take our time to teach you healthy eating habits so that you can go back into the real world with confidence and a healthier outlook. We also work together on body confidence so that you learn to love the skin you are in and appreciate your body type.

We always recommend that anorexia support is ongoing, even after you leave full-time treatment. You can step down your course of care, but keep a support system intact to help you along the way. For example, you can continue with an outpatient program. Or, see a therapist just once a week or less, depending on your needs.

Your eating disorder doesn’t need to be battled alone. Anorexia support will give you a new lease on life, more confidence, and a healthier way of living. There is no case too minor or too severe. If you think you need help, we are here.

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