The Dangerous Connection Between Anxiety and Addiction

Willow Place on September 6, 2018
The Dangerous Connection Between Anxiety and Addiction

The causes of substance abuse and addiction vary from person to person. In some people’s lives, addiction is the result of several different things. Some individuals might develop a substance abuse problem as a result of taking medication for a medical issue. Others may develop an addiction because of things like stress or anxiety disorders. In fact, for some people, anxiety and addiction are directly related. Sometimes, a person who is suffering from an anxiety disorder may have a difficult time as she works to recover from addiction. It can be very hard to get through recovery while dealing with such a disorder. This is why it’s important to get professional therapy and treatment in order to properly deal with anxiety and addiction together. Dual diagnosis treatment programs can offer people this kind of assistance.

How Do Anxiety and Addiction Interact

The Dangerous Connection Between Anxiety and AddictionWhen a person is living with both anxiety and addiction, she is faced with a variety of struggles. As mentioned above, some people may develop substance use problems as a result of the anxiety from which they suffer. In other words, addiction can be caused by anxiety. In cases like this, it can be hard for the individual to get past a substance use problem without getting treated for the anxiety disorder. Even if she becomes free from drug or alcohol use, the anxiety order and the cause for addiction will still be present. So, there will be a high probability that the substance issue will return. It’s important to work through the underlying cause or causes as well as the addiction itself. Approaching each issue will help to resolve each side of the problem at hand: substance abuse.

Now, let’s talk a little more in depth about how anxiety can lead to addiction. Many times, an anxiety disorder can cause a person to feel alone. Others may not understand what the individual is feeling. She may not even understand what’s happening, either. This may leave the person feeling isolated and lost. Anxiety is more than nervousness before a big exam or while learning to drive. This disorder can cause everyday life to be very difficult for people. It can cause them to live in fear or depressive states. Anxiety can also lead people to search for something, anything, that will take away the negative impact of the disorder. Here enters substance use. Alcohol or other drugs can offer a temporary escape from the effects of anxiety. But, these substances can cause a person to become addicted as she continues to use drugs or alcohol to help her escape.

Treating Both Issues the Right Way

The interaction between anxiety and addiction can be very dangerous and harmful to the individuals who suffer from both issues. As the person continues to deal with anxiety, she may continue the cycle of drug use in order to cope with the disorder. But, the good news is that there is hope for each person in this situation. Here at Willow Place for Women, we understand the importance of working through both anxiety and addiction, not simply one of these issues. We know that each of our clients has specific and individual needs. That’s why we offer various types of therapy and treatment, which all provide helpful approaches to addiction treatment. Our mission is to help each one of our clients to overcome the issues that she’s facing. If you or another woman you know is dealing with anxiety and addiction, help is available here at Willow Place. There’s no need to wait any longer; contact us today to get the help you need!

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