How To Avoid Depression on the Journey to Recovery

Willow Place on February 18, 2019
How To Avoid Depression on the Journey to Recovery

People who struggle with depression often struggle through substance abuse recovery. Sometimes, individuals who are dealing with this issue feel hopeless and helpless throughout their recovery. Depression can cause people to lose motivation and make the journey to recovery seem too difficult. But, you’ve worked hard to get to the point of attending treatment for addiction, alcoholism, or eating disorders. So, it’s important to avoid depression and prevent it from hindering you on this journey. It’s not always easy to stop depression from taking over. But, we’ve got some information that might prove to be helpful in helping you to avoid depression. And as you continue to move forward, you will be able to enjoy the freedom you have worked so hard to find.

How Depression Affects Your Recovery

It is common for people who are going through treatment for alcohol or drug dependence to feel overwhelmed. Many individuals become overtaken by all of the challenges they face as they try to find their way through the uncharted territory of sobriety. Although their newfound freedom from drugs and alcohol is something to celebrate, it can be hard for people to feel comfortable on this journey. That’s mainly due to the fact that recovery brings a lot of lifestyle changes. People who are working to overcome substance abuse often experience countless emotional, mental, and even physical changes. They may need to change their circle of friends to avoid spending time with people who use or drink. Some individuals even relocate, moving to a new community to get a fresh start. Therapy, support group meetings, and treatment sessions fill the time slots that were once used for drug or alcohol use.

With all of these changes, it can be hard to avoid depression. In a lot of cases, people become depressed because of all of the obstacles they may encounter on the road to recovery. Depression has the ability to truly hinder people’s success while they’re working to end substance abuse in their lives. There are several reasons for this. For one, as we mentioned earlier, depression can rob people of their motivation. It often causes people to feel emotionally weak and overwhelmingly sad. This can lead people to lose their willingness to keep moving forward. People who are dealing with depression during recovery may lose interest in attending therapy or completing their treatment. This, of course, can be a danger to the individual’s recovery journey. Depression can even cause people to have suicidal thoughts or experience a relapse. So, avoiding depression is definitely a critical part of a successful recovery.

You Can Avoid Depression

The idea of learning to avoid depression seems somewhat impossible. After all, depression isn’t a choice. People don’t really choose to be depressed. So, how can a person choose not to be depressed? Well, the truth is, avoiding depression isn’t necessarily about preventing sadness or uncertainty from affecting you. It’s not quite possible to avoid negative feelings and emotions altogether. It’s common to feel these things during recovery. However, working to avoid depression is more a matter of preventing this issue from getting the best of you. It’s about fighting for the freedom you have been working to gain. Basically, the important thing is not stopping sadness and depression from happening. The important thing is to learn how to address and deal with those situations when they occur.

One of the best things you can do in order to avoid depression in your life as you recover is to surround yourself with people who can help bring healing and peace to your life. A wonderful support system and therapy groups can help you with this. For more information about recovery, call us here at Willow Place for Women.

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