Being Of Service: The Ultimate Step in the 12-Step Fellowship Program

Dixie on November 19, 2020
Being Of Service: The Ultimate Step in the 12-Step Fellowship Program

Being of service – the ultimate step in the 12-step program carries the program’s message to others.

In addition, to practice these principles in your life: Live what you’ve learned from the program and impart the spiritual awakening to others, too. 

For example, one of the famous sayings used by 12-step groups is that you have to give it away to keep it. 

In other words, giving service in recovery can help the giver as much as the receiver. Therefore, its assuring that the service keeps them sober and clean.

What Is Being of Service In Recovery?

being of service

Being of service in recovery is when you carry out a job with no payoff in mind. That is to say, this may be directly or indirectly helping someone through your services. 

In other words, giving service in recovery vary in the work’s impact you do. Whether it is minor acts or major ones such as volunteerism.

Service Work Keeps 12-step Groups Functioning

Without service, 12-step groups could not work.

Having said that, volunteers organize and support meetings for such groups. 

Every person at these meetings will bring their own services, even if it’s just sharing their story or preparing snacks.

Types of Service in Recovery

Anything that directly or indirectly helps others in recovery could be considered a service. Examples of this type of work include:

Benefits of Giving Service

The ultimate step in the 12-step program allows people who have completed the program. Plus, to work with others who are still struggling.

Having said that, this serves both the person in recovery and those who are still going through the program.

In conclusion, being of service to others can:

  • Remind you of the early days of recovery and the reason why you’ve worked your way out of it
  • Keep you accountable. In other words, stopping you from becoming complacent in your recovery
  • Give you a sense of purpose
  • Enhance your fellowship with others
  • Motivate someone to stay the sober path
  • Help give wisdom to someone in recovery
  • Allow you to grow into a trustworthy person for someone in recovery

How Willow Place for Women can Help You

Here at Willow Place for Women, our 12 step program introduction offers women a thorough overview of the literature of Alcoholics Anonymous. Additionally, we also introduce you to outside AA meetings.

being of service

We teach women about the importance of fellowship.

In addition to that, we help you explore the role that a 12 step program will play in the lives of recovering addicts for the remainder of their sober lives. 

Furthermore, we explore the spiritual principles behind the steps:

  • Honesty
  • Willingness
  • Integrity

Above all, we discuss how to proactively practice such principles. This is so you can build a life of fullness and prosperity.  

Willow Place serves as a place for participants to discuss topics like: 

  • Sponsorship and step work
  • 12-step meeting experiences
  • Creating a positive support network
  • The best practices to maintain (and enjoy) recovery

Above all, please don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE consultation with us!

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