The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Willow Place on June 28, 2017
The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Drinking is widely accepted in our society. It is a part of almost any celebration, it is a way for people to get together, it is a way to socialize with coworkers, find new love interests, and watch your favorite sports game. For many people, alcohol never becomes an issue. For others, alcoholism can develop, which is a scary, dark, and slippery road. If you think you may be an alcoholic or drinking too much, it is a good idea to think about quitting drinking.

Quitting Drinking Does Your Body Good

When you quit drinking, your body immediately feels a sense of relief. What many people don’t realize is that alcohol is, in fact, a poison. When you have a drink, or five, or ten, your body needs to work overtime to eliminate the toxins you ingested. The organ in charge of most of this is your liver. Your liver is responsible for flushing out everything you put into your body so that it can function well. It controls your immune system functions, plays a role in fat digestion, regulates glucose and hormones, and more. It cannot do this when it is busy processing alcohol, so your entire body goes out of whack.

Many people who abuse alcohol and up with a fatty liver, which is the first step in progressive liver disease. The good news is that if you quit drinking it can usually be reversed. The bad news is that if you don’t, it will continue to progress until eventually your liver stops functioning completely.

Aside from your liver, drinking alcohol has a negative effect on your entire body. When you quit, you will notice a number of improvements. Within a week, you will be sleeping better and more restfully. While alcohol does make people drowsy, it takes away from your quality of sleep. Removing it from your diet will help you wake up more refreshed. As a result, you’ll have way more energy. If you suffer from any kind of mood disorder or are prone to anxiety or depression, quitting drinking will help to alleviate symptoms.

Quitting alcohol also helps everything on the surface – like your complexion, hair, skin, nails, and eyes. Everything will look healthier when you quit drinking because there are fewer toxins for your body to filter, and you will be a lot more hydrated.

Putting Alcohol Aside Helps All Areas of Your Life

Quitting alcohol has benefits way beyond making your body healthier, although that is a huge benefit in and of itself. While legal and socially acceptable, alcohol brings with it a number of problems. First and foremost, it is expensive. Even if you are “only” drinking beer, you are bound to be spending a lot on it, daily. Regular drinkers, even if they aren’t alcoholics, can spend $10 or more per day on alcohol to unwind when they get home from work. That is $70 per week and $300 per month! Think about the savings you could set aside if you quit.

Many people are afraid to quit drinking because they think their social life will end. Quite the contrary, especially if you are a problem drinker! By quitting, you’ll eliminate the embarrassment of acting out of character while drunk. You no longer have to apologize the day after about things you did while under the influence. Or, sheepishly scroll through your texts and calls to do damage control from the night before. If you black out – which is a clear sign that there is an issue – you don’t have to worry anymore about putting together the pieces from the night before.

Quitting drinking lets you live authentically, so you find the people you truly get along with instead of just drinking buddies. As time progresses, the urge to reach for a drink will diminish, and eventually, you will barely miss it at all. You’ll be happier with how you look and feel, your social life will improve, and you’ll be more reliable at work or school. Plus, you’ll have the extra money you would have spent on drinking available to spend on something you deserve for your newfound sobriety. The benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle are many, and make the journey or recovery well worth it!

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