The Benefits of Women’s Addiction Treatment vs. Co-Ed Treatment

Willow Place on March 24, 2017
The Benefits of Women’s Addiction Treatment vs. Co-Ed Treatment

When looking for a place to get help for substance abuse, it is essential to find a facility that precisely fits your needs. There is an array of different centers out there. Some may specialize in alcohol addiction, while others may focus on treating opioid addiction. Some may treat mood disorders, while others may not address dual diagnoses at all. Likewise, there are specific women’s addiction treatment centers as well as co-ed facilities. As a woman, it is hugely beneficial to go to a place that specializes in the needs of women who suffer from addiction and alcoholism.

What is a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center?

You may think rehab is just that- rehab. If you’ve been to one, you’ve been to all of them. But this is hardly the case, and it is important that you find the one that is right for you. At a women-only facility, staff concentrates on the different issues that arise as a woman facing addiction. It is a safe place where women can express their thoughts and emotions without the presence of men.

This kind of approach may seem “old-school”. But, when it comes to addiction, this kind of separation is more of a necessity than anything. It can be instrumental in helping a woman achieve long-term sobriety.

No matter how you cut it, members of the opposite sex act differently when they are around each other. Addiction treatment is a place where you should be dedicating 100% of your time focused on healing and breaking free of your addiction. Focusing on a member of the opposite sex can be a distraction that takes away from getting all that you can out of treatment.

Women’s Addiction Treatment is Different

Women who suffer from addiction also face a completely separate set of issues than men do. Society as a whole expects most addicts to be men for the most part, and when a woman gets caught up in addiction, she is looked at much differently. Women are still expected to be nurturing caretakers in charge of households and children, so they are sometimes judged much more harshly than men for their addiction. With that comes a heightened sense of self-blame, guilt, and shame that needs to be addressed during treatment. With men around, these kinds of issues could fall to the wayside.

For a woman recovering from addiction, being in an atmosphere with only other women can bring a sense of support and love that they wouldn’t get with males around, or if they were being treated by male staff. At women’s addiction treatment centers like Willow Place, we see close bonds form all the time, and our clients rally around each other in an environment that is 100% supportive and encouraging.

Women Supporting Women

It can also be easier to talk about serious matters in a room of only women. It is an unfortunate fact that many females in addiction have faced terrible situations like rape and other various traumatic events. Discussing these kinds of emotional events in front of men at a coed facility is less likely to happen and may be far more uncomfortable than bringing it up among other women. If serious past issues don’t get addressing, they will continue to feed the addiction. And, you will have a much smaller chance of long-term success.

Women also can come together to discuss issues at hand that men don’t face, like pregnancy and addiction, or having a child that is dependent on you during addiction. You can learn from other clients who are in similar situations and realize that you are not alone in your battle against addiction. Other co-existing disorders like trauma and eating disorders can receive treatment in a gender-specific environment. These are common occurrences in addiction. But, unfortunately, they may be overlooked in coed facilities.

You Will Get More Out of a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

In conclusion, there is no doubt that women’s addiction treatment has all the same benefits of a coed rehab. But, with the added array of positive things that come from being around your peers. You’ll have no members of the opposite sex to distract you from the important process of healing.

Rehab is all about working on yourself. The more focused your treatment can be on your specific needs, the better. The best place to start is by looking at a women’s only facility that caters to your specific needs. At Willow Place, we offer gender-specific treatment for women to help give them the best chance at recovery. To learn more about our programs, call us today at 1-888-651-4212.

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