Identifying What Binge Eating Disorder Is With Facts

Willow Place on March 7, 2022
Identifying What Binge Eating Disorder Is With Facts

Binge eating disorder is a type of mental health issue that can lead to a number of debilitating physical and emotional effects. It’s important that people living with this disorder get help professionally in order to overcome the symptoms of this disease. And, establish a life of mental and physical wellbeing that isn’t controlled by the effects of this eating disorder. 

Spreading awareness about the facts of binge eating disorder can help people better determine if they may be struggling with this specific type of eating disorder. This way, they can acknowledge the fact that they may need help. And, look for the resources they need to make recovery a reality. 

What Binge Eating Disorder Is

Binge eating disorder isn’t as nearly touched upon in the media as other eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia. But, it’s still a very relevant eating disorder to understand and spread awareness of because, without treatment, it can be deadly. While bulimia and anorexia are more dangerous because people who experience them are at risk of malnourishment due to restrictive eating, people living with binge eating disorder suffer from the opposite – being unable to control how much they consume. Episodes of being unable to control eating and eating large amounts in small periods of time are called ‘binge eating episodes’. 

Some of the characteristics that define this issue include: 

  • experiencing binge eating episodes that involve eating food in short amounts of time (2 hours or less) 
  • having binge eating episodes at least once a week 
  • experiencing binge eating episodes weekly for at least three months
  • a loss of control when it comes to how much or what food is being eaten during binge eating episodes

There are Physical Health Effects That Can Arise as a Result

One of the most important facts that people living with binge eating disorder should know and come to terms with is that it can lead to major, life-threatening physical health issues. Eating in large quantities and over short periods of time can lead to rapid weight gain. With obesity, comes a raised risk in health-related issues including: 

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • gallbladder disease
  • self-harming and suicidal behaviors

It is More Common Than Any Other Type of Eating Disorder

With all the publicity that anorexia and bulimia get, many think that these eating disorders are the most common. But, in reality, it’s binge eating disorder that is the most common throughout the population in the United States. According to statistics, 1.25% of adult women develop binge eating disorder in their lifetimes. So, it’s not as rare or uncommon as many may think. 

It is Late-Onset in Most Cases

Unlike other disordered eating diagnoses that typically begin in adolescence, binge eating disorder frequently affects older populations. In fact, most people who develop this type of eating disorder are in their 20s. And, it’s also an eating disorder that is commonly seen in adults that are even older. So, it’s something that people of every age should look out for and isn’t something that’s easily ‘grown out of’. In fact, it’s something that more commonly develops with age. 

Getting Help at Willow Place for Women

People from all walks of life can develop eating disorders. These mental health issues bring about debilitating symptoms that can affect daily life, relationships, careers, and more. But, fortunately, there is help for people who are struggling with disordered eating. Treatment available on an outpatient basis can help women living with binge eating disorder identify their behaviors, find alternative coping methods that are healthy to deal with emotions, and learn how to eat and nourish their bodies in healthy ways. 

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