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Biosound Healing

Willow Place for Women is pleased to be adding Biosound to our services. Biosound healing therapy can reduce
anxiety and stress for people who are in treatment, and can also reduce the amount of AMA (Against Medical Advice) early discharges in rehab patients.

What is Biosound Healing Therapy?

Asheville Drug Addiction Healing Therapy | Willow Place for WomenBiosound healing therapy uses visualization, music, light massage, and electrical impulses on a memory foam mattress. It is attached to an audiovisual device that is choreographed to enhance feelings of peace and well being for the user. This kind of healing consists of:

  • Biofeedback
  • Music Therapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • Gentle Massage

In essence, the goal of biotherapy is to use electronic monitoring of regular bodily functions, in order to get the patient to be able to voluntarily control those functions. Using meditative techniques, breath control, and positive affirmations helps develop mindfulness and begin to change thought patterns that can contribute to addictive behaviors.

Benefits of Biofeedback

The benefits of biofeedback are plenty. It helps to reduce the number of patients who walk out of a facility before they are medically cleared to do so. It helps ease symptoms of detox and helps to work with patients who may be suffering from some kind of addiction-related trauma and need additional help.

Biofeedback is usually insurance reimbursable and gets great reviews from all of our patients who use it. It actually becomes one of the top requested activities that clients want to participate in, and there is a much higher level of a sense of well-being and ease once the therapy is complete.

As the addiction treatment field continues to grow towards incorporating more and more holistic therapies, adding a biofeedback program will help create an even more well-rounded approach to our methods of care. It also tends to keep people in treatment for longer, so that they can help ensure a better shot at long-term sobriety.

More Resources About Biosound Healing Therapy for Addiction

Check out the doctoral dissertation research paper on Biosound Healing Therapy written by our owner and executive director, Dixie Brown:

The Impact of the Biosound Therapy System on Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome©

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