How Biosound Therapy Helps Women in Recovery

Willow Place on September 15, 2016
How Biosound Therapy Helps Women in Recovery

Biosound therapy is a new technological approach to addiction treatment. Holistic approaches are becoming more and more desirable since each person’s recovery needs differ from the next. This new therapy gives women in recovery the option to utilize sound, meditation, and massage throughout the process of addiction treatment.

What is Biosound Therapy?

Biosound therapy is a healing treatment option offered for women in recovery who want to be able to deal with emotions throughout recovery through a different approach. Those that have experienced biosound therapy express feelings of calmness and control over their emotions once therapy is concluded. The biosound therapy unit consists of a lounger that the client rests upon and a screen that portrays images. Music is administered through headphones and sensor glasses are worn to help display.

What is a Biosound Therapy Session Like?

  1. Pre Self-Assessment- This survey determines what is bothering a patient so that the kind and time length of the session can be decided upon.
  2. Biofeedback- During this stage of the therapy, three techniques are administered to promote self-awareness. The client will practice focusing on the heart, breathing, and physical feelings during this exercise.
  3. Music Therapy- After the biofeedback concludes, music therapy begins with soothing sounds to transfer the client into a calm state of meditation.
  4. Guided Imagery- This step addresses negative emotions like guilt and shame while focusing on the importance of gratitude throughout the healing process. This is followed by positive affirmation in the form of a sound frequency massage.
  5. Post Self-Assessment- The final survey outlines the positive effects of the biosound therapy, determining the progress made.

The Benefits of Biosound Therapy for Women in Recovery

  • Helps with anxiety symptoms.
  • Helps with depression symptoms.
  • Helps with withdrawal symptoms.
  • Allows for calming meditative state of mind.
  • Increases self-awareness.
  • Increases focus and drive.
  • Synchronizes nervous system of the body.
  • Proven to keep women in therapy who would have otherwise left without a doctor’s consent.
  • Included in many insurance plans for reimbursement.

Biosound Therapy at The Willow Place

The goal of this healing therapy is to have patients be able to recognize and control negative emotions and reactions before they leave treatment. Meditation and self-reflection give the mind the tools that it needs to be prepared for stressful situations. Learning to manage emotions is a huge part of addiction therapy. Once an addictive substance is taken from an addict, they will start to feel the emotions they have been covering up with their substance of choice. Dealing with these emotions head on can create anxiety and resurface depression. Biosound therapy promotes healing of these emotional scars. Additionally, it provides a positive way to address these negative emotions through music, meditation, mental exercise, imagery, and massage.

Willow Place is pleased to offer the therapy through biosound therapy at our facilities. If you have an addiction or eating disorder help is available. Contact us day or night at 1-888-651-4212 or visit our website for more information on our services.

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