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Important Things to Know About Dating in Recovery

It is human nature to seek out a partner in life. That goes for everyone of any age, as well as people who are sober, in recovery, or in addiction. However, for people in recovery whose goal it is to stay sober, it is important to follow a few ground rules about dating in recovery. […]

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What You Can Do to Help Battle the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is a growing crisis in the United States, despite numerous efforts to help the situation. Families all over the countries are affected, and opioid abuse doesn’t discriminate against anyone. What was once thought to be an issue that only affects the poor or inner-city residents now spans across the entire country. Soccer […]

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The Effects of PTSD and Addiction on Individuals

In treatment, it is common to see PTSD and addiction go hand-in-hand. PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder, which usually occurs after a person goes through a traumatic situation. Trauma is relative and completely depends on the person; there is no cookie-cutter definition of trauma. Regardless of the cause, it is essential that PTSD gets treated […]

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Anxiety and Alcoholism: What You Need to Know

Many people who go to rehab for alcoholism also suffer from some form of anxiety. It is estimated that up to 20% of people who suffer from alcohol abuse also have anxiety. With this close link between anxiety and alcoholism, it is important to know the warning signs, and what to do if you are […]

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Developing and Retaining Emotional Stability in Recovery

Recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol is an emotional whirlwind, especially in the beginning. For the first time in a long time, you are experiencing your true emotions without the assistance of drugs or alcohol. Your feelings are real, raw, strong, and at times painful and difficult to work through. Maintaining emotional stability while […]

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Relapse Prevention Skills You Need to Have in Recovery

In recovery, staying sober is the most important task- the rest of your life depends on it. Relapse does happen, but you can help to prevent it by building up your relapse prevention skills. Having a plan in place to prevent a relapse can give you the upper hand so that you don’t succumb to […]

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What Happens When Trauma and Addiction Are Ignored

It is no secret that trauma and addiction go hand in hand. Trauma is a big part of our addiction treatment program here at Willow Place for Women, and for good reason. Many people, especially women, cope with trauma by turning to drugs and alcohol. To properly treat addiction, or even to prevent it in […]

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What to Do When a Close Friend Relapses on Drugs or Alcohol

It is unfortunate that many people in recovery will relapse. If you are in recovery, there is a strong chance that you will be put into a situation in which a friend relapses. This is a bad situation for everyone involved. However, no matter how close you are to that person, you should always put […]

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How You Can Help a Friend Who Needs Eating Disorder Rehab

Watching a friend self- destruct is never easy. It is even harder when you know that they need eating disorder rehab but you can’t force them to go. The only way for them to get professional treatment if they are over the age of 18 is to go voluntarily. As much as you wish you […]

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The Unique Challenges Women in Addiction Face

Addiction is a challenge for anyone. It doesn’t discriminate, and anyone can fall victim to it grasp no matter their race, religion, sex, or social status. Women in addiction, however, face a slew of unique challenges that men do not. As women, they are expected to be the caretakers of society, so female addicts face […]