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How to Identify and Stop Enabling Behavior

If you have a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol or who suffers from an eating disorder, it is easy to engage in enabling behavior without even realizing you are doing it. This happens more often, especially with drugs and alcohol, than people realize. Many people are often horrified to hear that […]

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Trauma Recovery as part of Addiction & Eating Disorder Treatment

Many people are surprised when they hear that trauma recovery is a part of our treatment program. What they don’t realize is that trauma can play a huge role in both addiction and eating disorders (EDs). It is important to treat anything that can have an impact on these things, especially when it plays a […]

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Why Nutrition Education is Important for Women with Eating Disorders

Here at Willow Place for Women, we incorporate nutrition education into our eating disorder treatment program. Why? Because we know that treatment isn’t only about undoing the damage from the past, but also it is about building a strong foundation for the future. The goal is to make our clients well versed when it comes […]

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How Eating Disorder Treatment Puts You On a Better Path

Eating disorder treatment saves lives. Many people don’t realize the tremendous effect that anorexia and bulimia can have on your body, and often people find out the hard way. At first, eating disorders can seem like something you or your loved one can easily get away from. However, after a while your mental and physical […]

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Scary Facts About Bulimia You Need to Know

Bulimia isn’t fun for anyone involved – the person who has it, or the surrounding loved ones who are scared for the well being of the person. And, they have every right to be scared. The fact about bulimia aren’t pretty, and it is important to know how severe the condition can get to make […]

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Staging an Intervention for Your Loved One the Right Way

Whether your loved one suffers from addiction or an eating disorder, sometimes it comes to the point where staging an intervention is necessary. Many see this as a last-ditch effort to save the person, and when it is executed correctly, it can be very effective. No matter what your intervention is about, it is all […]

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Anorexia Rehab Can Save Your Life – My Personal Account

Five years ago, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who told me to go to anorexia rehab. The truth was that I was in denial, and my health was declining each and every day. I also didn’t know that such a thing existed, or that it would do anything good for me. […]

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Adult Eating Disorders Happen More Than You think

When you think of someone fighting anorexia or bulimia, what usually comes to mind is a teenage girl looking at fashion magazines and wishing that she looked just like the models within the magazine’s pages. The truth is that adult eating disorders are much more prevalent than most people think. Unfortunately, because people have such […]

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How Bulimia Therapy Can Help You

Bulimia, also known as Bulimia Nervosa, is a severe and potentially life threatening eating disorder that many people suffer from in silence. It is normally characterized by eating a large amount of food in one sitting followed by purging in order to avoid consuming the calories and gaining weight. Purging usually consists of making yourself […]

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Compulsive Overeating Treatment is Within Reach!

It is perfectly normal to overindulge once in a while. The holidays are a notorious time for doing so, and in January everyone works hard to work off the excess weight they may have put on. However, compulsive overeating is a different story, and chances are that if you are looking into it, you suffer […]