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Addiction Treatment Programs With an Educational Approach

Most people think about addiction treatment programs as something that involves a lot of do’s and don’ts. Go to therapy sessions. Eat healthy meals. Exercise and get the right amount of rest. Don’t go to parties where there is alcohol. Stay away from people who encourage drug use. And the list of recovery rules and […]

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Here Are Some Common Signs of Opiate Addiction

When a person is dependent on or addicted to opiates, things in their life will change. They may act differently. They will feel differently. And a person who has an addiction problem like this will most likely be unsure how to handle the issue. People who are suffering from substance abuse and dependence often feel […]

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The Connection Between Anxiety and Eating Disorders

The causes of eating disorders vary. There are many different things that can lead to the development of these disorders. For some, there is a direct correlation between anxiety and eating disorders. It’s true that anxiety can be one of the causes of an eating disorder. But, it’s also true that anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, […]

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Here’s Some Information About CBT for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are serious and should be dealt with in the best way possible. Many individuals who are suffering from them are unsure of how or where to find help. Sometimes, people are not really sure what is happening in their lives. A woman may not realize that she’s dealing with an eating disorder. Or, […]

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Debunking Some Common Myths About Eating Disorders

Unfortunately, many women are currently dealing with eating disorders. These disorders have caused many individuals to struggle throughout the years. They have caused family problems and have lead individuals to feel hopeless, alone, and afraid. A lot of people are unsure about what it means to have an eating disorder. The myths and untruths that […]

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When You’re Just Not Sure How to Fight Addiction

It’s never easy to admit that you need help with something. Many people struggle to simply ask for assistance when tasks seem a little too difficult to do alone. There are moments in life when we become overwhelmed by the challenges we face. And, it’s in those moments that we have to express the need […]

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Avoiding Relapse After Overcoming Drug Addiction

In a lot of cases, people who go through treatment for an addiction problem find themselves struggling when treatment is over. It’s not uncommon for a person to experience challenges as they live their lives in recovery. Many individuals feel a little overwhelmed by the task of getting back into normal life after they’ve gone […]

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Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Therapy

People attend therapy for many different reasons. There’s physical therapy, which helps people to get better after going through surgery or recovering from an injury. Then, there are therapies which focus on improving a person’s mental and emotional health. Some individuals go through therapy to get help overcoming an eating disorder. Others may attend one-on-one […]

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The Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

If you have been suffering from an addiction problem or an eating disorder, it’s important to get professional help. People who are struggling with these issues often feel alone or afraid that no one will be able to understand and help them. But, there are programs that can truly help people to find freedom from […]

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Here’s Why Living a Sober Life is Beneficial to You

Many people go through rehabilitation every year as they work to recover from a drug or alcohol use problem. But, unfortunately, a lot of people relapse every year, too. Some become overwhelmed by the challenges that come up along the way. They might return to substance abuse because of pressure from others. Others may struggle […]