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What to Expect When You go to Drug Rehab

Going to drug rehab can be a somewhat frightening experience, especially if it is your first time. You don’t know what to expect, often you are in a foreign place, and plenty of terms are being thrown around that mean nothing to you. The good news is that you can relax. At this point in […]

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What You Can and Can’t Do when a Loved One has a Drug Relapse

A drug relapse in a loved one can feel like a stab in the heart. When it is a spouse, it feels as if that person cheated on you and part of your relationship died. There is a feeling of hopelessness and major anxiety no matter who the addict is. It takes time, but the […]

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The Deal About Kratom Use During Opioid Recovery

Kratom use has recently busted into the scene as a relaxing herbal remedy for a number of things. One of those things is opioid withdrawal and recovery. Within a few months, the herb was popping up in smoke shops and kava bars all across the country, with weak rules regulating it, and few people knowing […]

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How Past Emotional Trauma Can Affect Addiction Recovery

Sometimes we give ourselves too little credit for the emotional trauma we withstand. We think that we can just take everything and keep getting beat down and don’t need help to get through things. You may even find that you keep things to yourself instead of talking about them in order to avoid being a […]

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Lifestyle Modifications for a Successfully Sober Recovery

When you get sober, there are a lot of changes that need to be made. That is why a lot of people who are in recovery will tell you that it is hard work. But, one thing is for sure – it is worth it! In order to make the most of your new lifestyle […]

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The Opioid Crisis Has Been Declared a Public Health Emergency

In recent days, President Trump has declared the opioid crisis in America a Public Health Emergency. There is no doubt that this is a valid thing to do, but the question is, it is enough? Opioid addiction has been taking over America, person by person, town by town. People who never thought they would be […]

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A Medically Supervised Detox Explained

Quitting drugs or alcohol on your own is nearly impossible. Most people who attempt to do so usually end up relapsing, with only a few achieving success. Not only that, but detoxing on your own can be dangerous for your health. This is why you should always go through a medically supervised detox while you […]

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A Proper Relapse Prevention Plan Can Be the Key to Sobriety

Relapse is an unfortunate reality of recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Looking at the numbers, you may get scared and think there is no way to beat addiction. Statistically, 50-90% of people will relapse after a period of recovery. It is important not to use that number as a justification to keep going in […]

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The Uses and Benefits of Narcan

An opioid overdose is a scary and life-threatening situation. When you overdose, you lose consciousness and eventually stop breathing. It only takes a few minutes without oxygen for your brain to start shutting down, causing potentially irreversible brain damage. Eventually, your heart will stop beating also, leading to coma and death. In recent years, Narcan […]

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What to Expect from Trauma Counseling

In the wake of the unfortunate shooting at the Route 91 Concert in Las Vegas, the topic of trauma is prominent in everyone’s mind. You might be wondering how on earth the survivors will cope and return to a normal life, or you might be reminded of some kind of trauma you endured in your […]