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4 Common Causes of Substance Abuse in Women

The development of substance use disorder is different for men and women. In most cases of substance abuse disorder in women, the disorder is something that develops during the adolescent years. During this time, women begin to learn who they are by identifying their self-confidence and self-image. So, it’s a crucial moment in time. However, […]

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Why It’s Hard for People With Eating Disorders to Get Help

Recovering from an eating disorder, like any other mental health issue, is not hard. It takes a commitment to getting better and energy toward that commitment each and every day. So, if you’re living with an eating disorder, you may find that it’s challenging to want to get help, which is normal. Most people with […]

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Sex and Love Addiction: When Good People get in Bad Relationships

Sometimes, good people end up in toxic relationships. But, while that’s normal, what’s not is when people are stuck in patterns of bad relationships. This phenomenon is known as sex and love addiction and is characterized by a need to feel fulfilled with relationships. This compulsive need for self-fulfillment and acceptance often is more important […]

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How to Converse with Adolescents About the Dangers of Party Drugs

Having fun and going to parties is a right for all teenagers. But, for parents living in a world that party drugs are a popular choice for teens, partying is something to fear. Fortunately, there are things parents can do to educate and warn their children about the dangers of these substances. And, help for […]

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Identifying How Bulimia Nervosa is a Body Issue Disorder

Body image is a big part of why eating disorders may develop. But, for specific eating disorders, different body image issues may be present. For example, Bulimia Nervosa is a body issue disorder and can develop as a result of a number of causes, including body image issues. What is Bulimia Nervosa? Before understanding the […]

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Mental Illness in Families: Causes, Probability, and Reducing Risk

Wondering if mental illness in families is something you have to worry about? Whether you’re trying to start a family of your own or wonder about why you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, it’s perfectly natural to wonder about whether or not mental illness runs in families. Find […]

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Social Media and Eating Disorders: Making Screen Time More Positive

Social media is often a space of negativity, which can trigger people living with mental health issues, specifically eating disorders, to revert back to unhelpful thinking patterns or self-depriving behaviors. But, what if we can transform our social media experience into one that’s positive and uplifting? The combination of social media and eating disorders doesn’t […]

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Do I Have An Anxiety Disorder or Just Normal Anxiety?

Anxiety is a human emotion that every person experiences. The emotion of anxiety actually has beneficial qualities when experienced at a normal level. The purpose of anxiety is to protect us; showing itself when we are in moments of fear or overwhelming stress. Essentially, the job of anxiety is to warn us if we’re in […]

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Eating Disorder Relapse Prevention Strategies

People living with eating disorders can find hope in treatment that can help aid in recovery. Eating disorder recovery is when a person diagnosed with an eating disorder finds manageable ways to eliminate behaviors of disordered eating. Plus, manage emotions in relation to eating in order to live a healthy and manageable lifestyle of mental […]

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How Biofeedback Techniques Work to Combat Substance Use

Biofeedback techniques are some useful tools for helping individuals in mental health treatment manage emotions and train their brains to react positively. Thus, allowing for a number of benefits and improvements to daily life and wellbeing. Find out if this type of therapy is something you or a loved one could use to improve healing […]