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Eating Disorder Counseling Can Help Bring the Change You Need

The unfortunate truth is that eating disorders are prevalent today. Many women are currently struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorders. Sadly, some people do not get the help that they need in order to improve their conditions. Countless women become very ill because they aren’t sure where to turn. It’s important to receive […]

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How Does Therapy Support You in Recovery From Addiction?

Supportive therapy. What is it? How can it help you as you work to recover from addiction and other harmful behavioral patterns? You’ve probably heard a lot about therapy when it comes to recovery. You may hear that it’s important. You’ve learned that it’s difficult to get past an addiction problem or even an eating […]

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Recovering From Addiction: Identifying Causes and Signs of Relapse

As people work to recover from substance use problems, they often run into various issues. Many people struggle to get through the withdrawal symptoms that come with detoxing from substance use. Others deal with things like anxiety. Negative emotions often get in the way of a successful recovery process. If you or someone you know […]

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Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment the Right Program for You?

Substance abuse is not an easy thing to overcome. People all over the world have found this to be true in their lives. It’s hard to break harmful cycles and develop healthier habits. Recovery requires destroying negative cognitive behaviors. It means rebuilding your life and creating a new “normal” for yourself. All of these things […]

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Dealing With Addiction: When Your Loved One Needs Help

There are countless families currently struggling with the effects of drug and alcohol addictions. It’s hard to see a loved one, whether family member or close friend, suffering from a substance problem. Many people are often unsure about how to truly help the person they love. When someone you really care about is suffering, you […]

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All About Process Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment involves a lot of different parts. Those who are in recovery have various needs. Not all of them can be met through the detox process. Even after the substance use has ended, people need to be equipped with education about the problem they are working on overcoming. More simply put, there’s much more […]

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The Importance Of Rest During and After Drug Addiction Recovery

As you go through treatment for substance dependence, it’s important to take care of yourself. Addiction truly deprives people of the opportunity to stay physically well. Often, people who are dealing with addiction problems may not eat as much as they should. They might not be as physically active as they should. Another problem that […]

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Announcing Willow Place for Women’s Joint Commission Accreditation

Here at Willow Place for Women, we are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate help to women struggling with trauma, eating disorders, addiction, and mental health issues. We know that finding trustworthy support for these issues is a sensitive subject. So, we continuously aim to improve our standing with the community and the healthcare industry. That’s […]

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Some of The Benefits of Biofeedback Treatment for Addiction

It can sometimes be challenging to find out the best kind of treatment for people in addiction recovery. Everyone has individual paths to travel, unique journeys to take. This means that addiction treatments need to be very specific. They need to fit and meet people’s needs. When a person is seeking help for substance abuse, […]

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Taking a Look at Several of the Different Types of Trauma

Trauma is a very serious thing. It can tremendously change a person’s life. When people go through traumatic experiences, they deal with some negative effects. Unfortunately, a lot of people may not even realize that they’re suffering from it. This might be due to a lack of information about it. But, whatever the reason, people […]