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Coping with Grief During Recovery from an Addiction or Eating Disorder

Losing a loved one is never easy. But, for those in recovery from mental health issues like eating disorders or addiction, it’s not just hard to lose a loved one – it’s also dangerous. Dealing with grief can bring about a different person in anyone who deals with it. And, unfortunately, this alternative grieving person […]

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Building Self Confidence in 5 Easy Ways

Eating disorders are mental health conditions that affect a person’s self confidence. So much so in fact, that women struggling with eating disorders may even have distorted views of themselves. For this reason, it’s imperative for women in eating disorder recovery to learn how to increase their self confidence. This way, they can learn how […]

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The Real Costs of Becoming Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

Drug addiction is costly. Shoveling out money for the next high is a daily occurrence. Even the richest of drug addicts end up emptying their bank accounts to avert from experiencing withdrawal or not experiencing the high they’re after. But, not only will drug addiction drain your pockets but other areas of life too. Drug […]

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Top 5 Reasons People May Not Get Eating Disorder Help

To someone not struggling with a mental health condition like an eating disorder, it can seem like getting help is an easy step to take for these individuals. However, it’s easier said than done. Sadly, most of the people struggling with eating disorders don’t get the help they need. And, live with the effects of […]

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What to Say to Someone With an Eating Disorder

When a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, it’s important that their friends and family are there to support them so they can have the best chance of healing and recovery. Eating disorders are mental health illnesses which are not chosen by the individuals struggling with them. They require treatment which involves a […]

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Four Reasons Why Drug Rehab Centers Fail

Drug rehab centers give hope to individuals and their families struggling with drug addiction. Certainly, the provide the safe atmospheres, therapeutic outlets, and necessary information needed to obtain a life of recovery. However, unfortunately, the experience of drug rehab isn’t always enough to guide an individual to a state of long term sobriety. In this […]

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5 of the Most Common Reasons for Teen Drug Abuse

We tell or children when they’re little not to ever take candy from strangers, walk on the street, or to ever use drugs. But, while your child may have never gotten in a strange, white van for a lollipop or ran out in the road to get her roll-away basketball, she may have begun to […]

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Identifying Emotional Eating and How to Address It

Everyone gets upset at one point or another. What’s different is how people approach the feelings of being upset. Do you run to your kitchen to grab a snack to deal with your negative emotions? If so, you could be showcasing a behavior known as emotional eating. In this blog, we discuss what emotional eating […]

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Heroin Withdrawal Timeline: How Long Does it Last?

It’s unfortunate, but the abuse of heroin is prevalent throughout our nation. And, even more, most of these individuals don’t get help for their substance abuse, especially women struggling with this specific type of addiction. While there may be many reasons people have for not getting help with heroin abuse, we know that one of […]

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Supportive Housing for Women in Eating Disorder Recovery

Choosing to get help for an eating disorder through treatment is life-saving. During treatment, women can learn the tools needed to overcome the cognitive, emotional, and physical effects of their mental health condition. And, begin a life of healing in recovery. But, for many, it can be challenging to live at home during treatment or […]