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Choosing Summertime for Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

The summertime can bring about a number of challenging triggers for women struggling with eating disorders. Summer barbeques, birthday parties, Fourth of July gatherings, and simply spending more time with loved ones can bring about anxiety and worry for these individuals. This is what makes the summertime a perfect time to get help for eating […]

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Common Reasons why People may not get Addiction Help

As a person who loves someone struggling with addiction, you may wonder why your loved one doesn’t want help. It can be challenging to understand why a person may not want to get help for an addiction. And you may even think it’s your fault. But there are a number of reasons individuals choose not […]

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How to Choose Between Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

You’ve finally made the decision to get healthy…for real this time. This means identifying and confronting eating disorder behaviors and their underlying causes with treatment. And now that you know you need to get help, you’ll need to start researching eating disorder treatment centers. But, how do you know which ones will best suit your […]

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How to Talk to Someone with an Eating Disorder About Help

Watching mental health conditions deteriorate a loved one’s mind, body, and spirit can be quite difficult. When it comes to eating disorders, these conditions can lead to malnourishment, organ failure, and other lifelong consequences. In reality, the individual living with an eating disorder may deny these negative effects as a way to combat change. But, […]

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How to Help an Individual Experiencing a Bulimia Relapse

While there is certainly hope and support for women struggling with eating disorders, relapse is a true danger. Specifically, women recovering from bulimia have a 31% chance of relapsing in their first 6 months following treatment. Sadly, after relapse, most of these women will end up continuing with self-harm behaviors. And neglect utilizing what they’ve […]

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Identifying Eating Disorders: What is Orthorexia Nervosa?

There are many behaviors which can lead to a variety of eating disorders. In many cases, individuals may be able to recognize negative behavioral patterns, yet they may not know they struggle with an eating disorder. In this article, we discuss orthorexia nervosa, a specific type of eating disorder. This way, more individuals can identify […]

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4 Signs It’s Time to Consider Help with Anxiety

If you or a loved one struggles with anxiety, it can be challenging to know when the right time to seek help may be. Anxiety is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences. But, when anxiety is something a person deals with every day to the point of debilitating symptoms. This means that anxiety affects […]

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Dealing with a Breakup in Early Recovery

Because over 40% of treatment individuals end up relapsing during early recovery, it’s vital to prepare for preventing relapse while in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, we can’t control what happens in our lives all the time. So, while people are vulnerable during early recovery, there’s no way to know if bad things […]

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Diabulimia: When Eating Disorders and Diabetes Mix

The pair between eating disorders and diabetes is more prevalent than one might expect. In fact, women who are diagnosed with diabetes have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Unfortunately, as a person with diabetes, eating disorders behaviors can make medical issues worse. And, lead to a number of negative side effects including death. So, […]

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Recognizing Early Eating Disorder Symptoms in Children

Unfortunately, mental health conditions can begin to develop at young ages. While it is challenging to diagnose mental health conditions in children as they still have developing to accomplish, they can begin to show early symptoms of mental health conditions. Sadly, eating disorders are often the mental health conditions that children are affected by. For […]