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Eating Disorder Relapse Prevention Strategies

People living with eating disorders can find hope in treatment that can help aid in recovery. Eating disorder recovery is when a person diagnosed with an eating disorder finds manageable ways to eliminate behaviors of disordered eating. Plus, manage emotions in relation to eating in order to live a healthy and manageable lifestyle of mental […]

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How Biofeedback Techniques Work to Combat Substance Use

Biofeedback techniques are some useful tools for helping individuals in mental health treatment manage emotions and train their brains to react positively. Thus, allowing for a number of benefits and improvements to daily life and wellbeing. Find out if this type of therapy is something you or a loved one could use to improve healing […]

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Treating Disordered Eating and Co Occurring Disorders Simultaneously

Disordered eating isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each person who deals with disordered eating has developed these behaviors according to different reasons; whether it be genetics, experiences, or co occurring mental health issues. According to government findings, it’s not uncommon for individuals who are living with eating disorders to also struggle with co occurring disorders that affect their […]

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How to Support a Loved One After Substance Use Treatment

When a loved one or family member gets help professionally for substance use disorder, it can be challenging to know what to do. Certainly, you want to remain positive and supportive for your loved one’s recovery journey. But, how does one go about doing so? After substance use treatment, there are a few things family […]

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How to Practice Self Compassion in Eating Disorder Recovery

9% of United States citizens are living with eating disorders. So, if you are experiencing eating disorder symptoms or have been in treatment for eating disorders, you’re not alone. During recovery, it’s important to keep up with efforts learned in treatment which can help encourage healthy habits. Learning how to practice self compassion and practicing […]

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Identifying and Addressing High Functioning Depression Symptoms

Those dealing with high functioning depression experience the same symptoms of major depressive disorder, but still maintain routine function of their lives. Even though people with high functioning depression symptoms may be able to live their lives relatively normally, depression symptoms are still a constant, internal struggle. However, even individuals living with high-functioning depression can […]

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The Best Eating Disorder Treatment Centers Use These 3 Therapies

Dealing with disordered eating is debilitating on many different levels. With the way our society portrays ‘beauty and fitness’, more people are struggling with disordered eating in our nation than ever before. However, fortunately, there are therapies that can help individuals living with all types of eating disorders. These therapies, when in a treatment center, […]

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What’s an Alumni Program and Why are They Important?

Recovery doesn’t end after you’ve finished a mental health program. Long-term recovery is something that individuals have to continue to work on daily. So, once treatment concludes, it’s important to understand that your recovery efforts won’t. But, what comes after treatment? An alumni program is a supportive community of recovery individuals that works to provide […]

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What’s Next? After Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Residential eating disorder treatment is often an essential tool in the healing process for many women. During residential treatment, individuals can learn and start implementing useful tools needed in order to adjust lifestyle and manage eating disorder symptoms. But, residential treatment isn’t all that’s required of an individual to sustain recovery and lasting management of […]

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What’s Sleep Got to do With It? 3 Mental Health Benefits of Sleep

Mental health treatment isn’t just counseling or going to treatment sessions. It’s about implementing healthy behaviors into one’s lifestyle in order to better take care of one’s own mental health too. One of the things, during treatment, individuals will learn about is the importance of sleep for health. And, the mental health benefits of sleep. […]