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How Adventure Therapy Can Help on Your Recovery Journey

There are so many things a person can do to address mental health issues. Whether you’re living with a mental health diagnosis like bipolar depression, PTSD, or even substance abuse disorder, or something else, there are certainly many avenues of help you can take. However, medication and counseling can only do so much. And, many […]

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The Dangers of Stress Eating and Tips to Overcome It

Everyone experiences stress at one point or another. Whether it’s due to losing a job, relationship issues, or just not feeling like yourself, stress can affect each person a bit differently. And, how people deal with stress differs from individual to individual. But, methods in attempting to manage stress aren’t always healthy. And, sometimes, they […]

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Identifying and Addressing Drug-Induced Psychosis

The effects of using addictive substances are many. But, one of the most frightening symptoms of drug abuse is certainly drug-induced psychosis. In this article, we discuss what this phenomenon is and how people can recognize it. This way, whether you’re a loved one of someone abusing addictive substances or a person struggling with addiction, […]

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How to Overcome an Eating Disorder While in a Relationship

Eating disorders can wreak havoc on intimate relationships. Surely, you’ve heard the saying, “if you can’t love yourself, you can’t properly love someone else”. While this saying may not be completely accurate, there is some truth to it. Certainly, you can love someone and remain in a healthy relationship while getting the help you need. […]

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Why Self Care is Important to Recovery and Isn’t Selfish at All

Self care is basically taking care of the self. And, it’s important to recovering from mental health issues like trauma, addiction, and eating disorders. However, many people may feel like self care in recovery may be selfish. But, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Learning to take care of the self can help to promote […]

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Some Tips to Maintaining Recovery from Eating Disorders in College

Many of the women struggling with eating disorders are young. According to The National Eating Disorders Association, .9% of women will struggle with anorexia, 1.5% of women will struggle with bulimia, and 3.5% of women will struggle with binge eating in their lifetimes. And, that women between the ages of 15 and 24 with anorexia […]

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When Parents of Adult Children are Toxic Enablers

The love of a parent is fierce. There’s no love on this earth that compares. This strong parental love allows children to be protected from the dangers of the world while they grow and develop. This way, children can grow into well-adjusted, emotionally stable adults. In most cases, parents will do anything and everything to […]

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I Think I Have an Eating Disorder… How do I Tell my Parents?

“I think I have an eating disorder but don’t know how to tell my parents”. Have you ever had this thought? If so, you may be wondering how to talk about your eating disorder. And, how to go about helping yourself if they don’t respond properly. If you’re a teenager or even younger and don’t […]

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What is a Gateway Drug and Are They Dangerous?

If you’ve ever watched a special or read news about addiction, you’ve heard of gateway drugs. But, what is a gateway drug exactly? What makes a substance a gateway drug? And, are they as dangerous non-gateway drugs? In this article, we attempt to help people understand gateway drugs better. This way, they can spread this […]

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When Middle-Aged Women Struggle with Bulimia Nervosa

When most people think of bulimia nervosa, they imagine a young girl in middle or high school. However, the reality is that eating disorders don’t only affect the young. They can affect older generations of people as well. In this article, we discuss the specific situation of middle-aged women struggling with bulimia nervosa. When we […]