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Having PTSD Nightmares? Some Things That May Help

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a mental health illness that develops as the result of experiencing extreme traumatic events. There are many symptoms that characterize PTSD, but one of the most extreme is PTSD nightmares. These are vivid and disturbing nightmares that may include flashbacks of the traumatic events, which can make symptoms […]

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Why do Symptoms of Eating Disorders Get Worse During the Summer?

We’re closing in on the summer as we’re making our way into June. So, it’s time for people who are living with eating disorders to learn some recovery strategies to use during the hot and humid summer months. Many people who struggle with disordered eating behaviors find that symptoms of their eating disorders are more […]

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Why It’s Important to Address Mental Health in Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorders are mental health conditions that affect how a person sees themselves physically, altering their perception of body image, weight, and size. This, in turn, affects the way a person with an eating disorder eats and consumes nutrition. As eating disorders alter the way a person eats, many people associate eating disorders with the […]

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3 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Get Help to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Making the decision to stop drinking alcohol can be very challenging. In our society, alcohol is extremely acceptable at almost every social event. So, when you’re thinking of quitting, you can quickly imagine how many events and occasions involve drinking that may make it more challenging to stop. Certainly, when someone drinks in large quantities […]

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Working on Preventing an Eating Disorder Relapse

Treatment isn’t a cure-all for eating disorders. It provides the tools that individuals living with eating disorders need to establish healthy lifestyles, adjust negative thought patterns, and tune behaviors. However, people in eating disorder treatment need to understand that treatment only provides the tools – it doesn’t erase the work that’s needed beyond treatment to […]

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Mental Health Awareness Month Ideas for May

May is mental health awareness month. So, this month is all about spreading awareness of mental health issues and breaking down the stigmas associated with mental health issues so that more people can get the help they need and overcome the debilitating symptoms of mental health issues. So, if you are looking for mental health […]

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Finding a Job After Addiction Treatment

Active addiction can make it challenging for people to find and maintain a job. So, it’s important that people in recovery from substance use disorder understand how to find a job that suits their needs once their time in treatment comes to an end. After addiction treatment, you’ll want to start working on finding a […]

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Further Understanding Dual Diagnosis of Depression and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders occur when a person doesn’t like how they look in terms of weight, size, and body shape. While these feelings don’t always lead to eating disorders, having these negative self-thoughts can develop into a cycle of disordered eating. People with eating disorders may attempt to change their bodies and never be satisfied. Or, […]

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What To Ask During The Treatment for Mental Health Admission Process

Are you considering getting help for mental health issues through treatment? Choosing to go to treatment and get help is the most challenging step – but a crucial one – in starting a journey to mental health recovery. So, congratulations! You are already on your way to feeling better and living a more healthy and […]

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Communicating Eating Disorder Recovery Needs in a Relationship

People struggling with disordered eating behaviors need to be able to portray their needs for eating disorder recovery to the people they love most – this includes their intimate partners. However, it can be difficult for people living with eating disorders to learn how to open up about their eating disorder recovery to their intimate […]