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Recognizing Some Physical Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Believe it or not, substance abuse can be caused by a combination of things. Many people feel that addiction is a result of negative family situations. For example, childhood domestic violence and abusive parents could cause an individual to turn to substance abuse when she gets older. Or, an individual may abuse alcohol or drugs […]

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Exploring the Many Benefits of Quitting Alcohol Use

As the new year begins, many people are trying to stay on track with their New Year’s Resolutions. Some individuals are planning to be more active this year. They may have invested in gym memberships or signed up for yoga classes. Others have resolved to be more involved in their hobbies. Perhaps some want to […]

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The Importance of Honesty in Addiction Treatment

Seeking addiction treatment is one of the best things you can do. It can save your life. Plus, ser you up with a fresh start for a much happier, sober, and healthy lifestyle. One thing that is incredibly important is to make the most of your time in treatment. In order to do so, one […]

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The Uses and Benefits of Narcan

An opioid overdose is a scary and life-threatening situation. When you overdose, you lose consciousness and eventually stop breathing. It only takes a few minutes without oxygen for your brain to start shutting down, causing potentially irreversible brain damage. Eventually, your heart will stop beating also, leading to coma and death. In recent years, Narcan […]

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Building Healthy Relationships After Addiction Treatment

Addiction impacts people in many ways. For a lot of people, substance abuse is the cause for separation and distance amongst family members and friends. Many times when addiction is in the picture, people become isolated from their loved ones. This can happen for several different reasons. In some cases, separation happens because of guilt […]

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The Symbolism of the Willow Tree

The Willow Place for Women in Asheville, North Carolina is a place of hope for women struggling with eating disorders, trauma, and substance abuse. Here, we view the willow tree as a symbol for all the women who come through our doors. A symbol that represents each journey, struggle, and pain as well as a symbol of […]

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Our Supportive Living Vs. a Halfway House for Women

If you’ve learned anything about addiction and treatment, you may have also heard about different things that people do during the recovery process. Some individuals who go through treatment for their substance abuse problem follow it up with living at a place where they can transition back into normal life. Perhaps you’ve been wondering about […]

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About the Effectiveness of DBT for Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is a psychological disorder that is characterized by abnormal and unhealthy eating habits. There are several different types of eating disorders. And they are caused by various things. For some people, an issue such as a stress disorder may lead to an eating disorder. Another individual may develop an eating disorder because […]

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Let’s Discuss Some Addiction Relapse Prevention Strategies

When you become free from a substance abuse problem, you become free from a sort of bondage. Addiction is more than a physical problem. It’s more than the unhealthy use of alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse is much more than that. When a person has an addiction problem, the issue goes beneath the surface. Along […]

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Overcoming Trauma and Its Negative Effects on Your Life

When a person is dealing with the effects of trauma, her life changes quite a bit. Sometimes, the changes happen suddenly. Other times, those changes happen gradually and over time. But, in any case, the changes that occur as a result of a traumatic experience are often very negative. This is because trauma usually involves […]