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What To Expect from Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

Getting treatment for addiction is an important step towards living a clean and sober lifestyle. Unfortunately, sobriety is extremely difficult to achieve without some kind of professional help. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be as many treatment centers as there are, and it also wouldn’t be called addiction. Here’s what you can expect at […]

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It Can Be Hard To Tell If Someone Needs Eating Disorder Help

It may not be as obvious as you may think to identify when someone needs eating disorder (ED) help. There is a common and incorrect perception that everyone with an eating disorder is super skinny and sickly. The truth is that someone may be in dire need of help way before their eating disorder progresses […]

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Go to a Womens Drug Rehab

Womens drug rehab is a great option and something to definitely consider as a woman who needs treatment for drugs, alcohol, or an eating disorder. When searching for a place to get treatment, you’ll run across places that are mixed, or may offer different housing for men and women, but your classes will be together. Here […]

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Bulimia Facts To Be Aware Of

Bulimia is a complicated eating disorder with many symptoms a person may not be aware of. As one of the eating disorders, it is classified as a mental issue that needs to be treated as such because the actual eating disorder is usually tied to problems like anxiety and depression. Bulimia can be a potentially […]

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Addiction Treatment Bill is a Missed Opportunity

Last week, an addiction treatment bill was passed by Congress for the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. It boosted funding, but doctors in some states will not be required to check a database to flag patients who might be abusing the system, or “doctor shopping.” As has been widely reported on in the news in […]

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Myths About Eating Disorders

Like with anything that isn’t completely understood, there are many myths about eating disorders (EDs) that prevent people from seeing the warning signs and getting help. In truth, eating disorders affect 10 million females and 1 million males in the U.S. alone. Of those, less than 1 in 10 seek treatment. Common Myths About Eating […]

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Dealing with Addiction Relapse as Women in Recovery

Leila went to rehab for alcohol for the first time in 2015 and met a number of people she quickly considered friends. She lived in a sober living home with a number of women in recovery after she finished treatment. She was naturally outgoing and trusting, and had never in her life been around so […]

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Stopping the Cycle of Codependency and Addiction

Codependency and addiction are two co-occurring issues, and both need to be addressed during treatment. Codependency can occur between a couple that use together, parents and children, friends, and it can also mean a person just doesn’t know how to exist independently and constantly seeks out relationships, even if they may be harmful to their […]

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How Can I Help An Addict?

How can I help an addict. It’s a frustrating question that many friends and family members of addicts ask themselves on a daily basis. Along with wanting to help the addicted person, you may have feelings of anger, loss, and confusion, all stemming from not knowing how to help this person, who in truth can […]

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Eating Disorder Treatment – What To Expect

Thinking about getting help for your eating disorder? First of all, congratulations! It’s a huge step in facing your problem and overcoming the hurdles you need to get back on the right, healthy track. Less than 35% of those who suffer from eating disorders get treatment. So, this is indeed a life-changing decision for you. […]