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Building Trust After Experiencing Addiction

There’s a stereotype about addiction that assumes people who struggle with it don’t have any willpower. Or, that they simply chose to use drugs or alcohol; therefore, they choose a life of addiction. In reality, developing an addiction is more complicated than that. Most people who get help for addiction have experiences that lead to […]

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The 12 Step Recovery Program to Treat Eating Disorders

Have you ever heard of the 12 step recovery program? How about the term ‘Eating Disorder’, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Underweight?  Vomiting?  But this is far more serious than that. Eating Disorder is a widely misunderstood condition. It affects not only the physical but also the mental and psychological aspects […]

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Long Term Effects of Eating Disorders on Relationships

Eating disorders can affect almost every aspect of life in some type of way. But, when people think about eating disorders, they often don’t consider the way that these disorders affect the people who care about the person living with them. For instance, the long term effects of eating disorders on romantic relationships. If you […]

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Dealing with Loneliness and Addiction

Dealing with loneliness is not a rare human experience. In fact, there’s a study by the researchers at UC San Diego that suggests that 3 out of 4 Americans are lonely. Living with loneliness is an individual, subjective experience. But, it’s well known that the effects of loneliness can be both psychologically and physically damaging. […]

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Approaches to Overcoming Negative Body Image in Treatment

When it comes to the development of eating disorders, body image plays a huge role. Essentially, body image is the way one perceives the way their own body looks. It can take into account self-feelings about weight, size, and basically any other physical attribute. Typically, women who are living with eating disorders experience negative body […]

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: Understanding PAWS (and 5 natural ways to treat it!)

Post-acute withdrawal syndrome… the first step is always the hardest.  Withdrawing from addiction or cleansing yourself may appear like the end of your worries. You’ll presume life will improve and things return to normal… if only that were true. Withdrawal has two phases: Acute withdrawal syndrome Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS)  Most people go through a […]

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Telltale Signs You’ve Hit Rock Bottom Due to Addiction

If you’ve ever been in recovery from substance abuse or have a loved one who is, you’ve probably heard the term “hit rock bottom” as it relates to addiction. Surely, people can hit rock bottom in their lives due to a number of factors. But, it’s a common thing to associate this phrase with the […]

Gut Brain Axis: The Surprising Connection in Between

The Surprising Connection between the Gut Brain Axis Have you ever thought about what the gut-brain axis is? The “Trust your gut instincts” are more than just a figure of speech; there is a scientific explanation of why your stomach does it. It goes farther up north as it has something to do with your […]

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Yes – You Should Still Get Substance Abuse Help During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus that has left the world worrisome of the health of themselves and their loved ones. The quick spread of this virus and the lasting health effects to even those who recover is something everyone should be aware of. Since before 2020, this virus has affected dozens of countries. But, […]

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Confronting the Unrealistic Body Standards of Summertime

It’s here – summertime. And with it comes all things related to fun in the sun like pool days, BBQs and getaway road trips. But, summertime also comes with the unrealistic expectations of the “summer bod”. Unhealthy body standards that frequent this season can make the summertime feel overwhelming for women who may be struggling […]