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The Best Therapies for Relapse Prevention During Addiction Treatment

Preventing relapse should be the goal for anyone in treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. This is because a high number of treatment patients end up relapsing in just the first few years following treatment. According to the National Institutes of Health, individuals who receive treatment for addiction are 20-50% at risk for a […]

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Identifying Eating Disorders: What is Pica?

Pica is a type of eating disorder that is characterized by the eating of items that are not considered edible because they provide zero nutritional value. So, while it is an eating disorder, it has little to do with food. While the existence of this specific eating disorder is widespread due to its abnormalities in […]

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Identifying Eating Disorders: What is Rumination Disorder?

Rumination disorder is an eating disorder that may be lesser known, so it’s not often talked about as much as other eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia. However, because it can lead to a number of issues, it’s best to be able to identify this disorder in yourself or a loved one. And, seek out […]

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Identifying Eating Disorders: What is Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder?

It’s normal for kids to be picky about what they want to eat. But, what happens if this picky eating goes on throughout all of childhood, adolescence, and even follows a person into adulthood? Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is an eating disorder which is characterized by picky eating behaviors like these. And, can […]

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When Surroundings End up Enabling Addiction

We know that addiction affects the reward process of the brain. Basically, the reward process is a way for our brains to encourage our bodies to behave in a way that manages health and survival. It does so by releasing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that reacts to neurons in the brain that results in sensations of […]

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Addiction and the Brain: Areas of the Brain Affected by Addiction

We know that addiction is a brain disease because of studies which show the effects addiction has on the brain. And, that the addicted person’s behaviors and thought patterns are also affected by these brain changes. But, which parts of the brain does addiction impact the most? And, can these changes to brain chemistry play […]

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5 Signs that Your Healthy Eating Habits Could be Dangerous

Nutrition has a lot to do with maintaining good health. And, health is obviously important as we attempt to live our lives to the fullest and stay on this earth as long as possible. However, there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. Furthermore, healthy eating habits can often be more […]

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Think a Friend is Struggling with an Eating Disorder? Here are 5 ways to Help

Unfortunately, many people who struggle with eating disorders don’t open up to friends and family about their eating struggles. Rather, they hide their behaviors in hopes to get away with self-harming behaviors without judgment. However, this avoidance doesn’t go unnoticed forever, and family and friends may start to recognize poor eating habits and start to […]

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Is There a Connection Between Media and Eating Disorders?

The media has an undeniable impact on our lives. The media determines what we know and don’t know about news stories. It establishes the “norms” of society. The media even impacts the way people dress and behave. In many cases, people base their diet and exercise routines on what people in the media do. As […]

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What to Do When a Close Friend Relapses on Drugs or Alcohol

It is unfortunate that many people who are going through the recovery process may experience an addiction relapse. If you are in recovery, then you probably know just how helpful it can be to have the support of friends who are on a similar journey. Most likely, you have established meaningful friendships at your treatment […]