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What are the Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship?

When you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to show someone else the love they deserve. This is why relationships during active eating disorder and addictions may not last. Unfortunately, most individuals struggling with these types of mental health conditions experience unhealthy relationships. Of course, everyone deserves to be loved and love themselves. But, without establishing […]

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Walking Towards Recovery: Get the Most Out of Your Daily Walk

If you’ve been in recovery for a while, you know that exercise does wonders for those in recovery. The benefits of exercise for those in recovery are plentiful. They include helping with mood management, creating endorphins, and allowing you to remain in the present moment (mindfulness). Certainly, there are many different forms of exercise you […]

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How to Handle Your Emotions in Recovery

Handling your emotions in recovery from drugs or alcohol is a completely new experience. For a long time, you used your addiction to mask your true feelings and numb out things that were uncomfortable to you. Anything from a bad day at work to a traumatic situation would be handled by indulging in your substance […]

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Fun and Sober Activities for Women in Recovery

Many women that go to treatment for drugs or alcohol are afraid that once they quit using, they won’t have fun anymore. That just simply is not true. There are lots of activities to do that are fun and that also stay in the lines of your sobriety goals. Women in addiction recovery don’t have […]

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5 Benefits of Sobriety that will Change Your Life

Certainly, it’s easy to look at the long road ahead of you in treatment for addiction as one of challenge and difficulty. And while the road may come with many challenges and difficulties, it also comes with an unlimited number of advantages. Basically, anything worth doing isn’t easy. So, rather than focus on the negative […]

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Identifying Eating Disorders: What is Body Dysmorphia?

Body dysmorphia, or body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), is a mental health condition which is characterized by obsessions about flaws (which may or may not be realistic) of one’s own bodily appearance. To be diagnosed with body dysmorphia, one must experience obsession so severe that it debilitates other aspects of life. For example, a person struggling […]

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5 Signs of Troublesome Restrictive Eating Behaviors

There are so many diets it’s hard to keep track. From keto to paleo, there are rules and regulations for every type of diet. But, how does one know when these rules and regulations go too far? And, how can one identify between normal diet behaviors and restricted eating behaviors that are harmful to health? […]

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Choosing Summertime for Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

The summertime can bring about a number of challenging triggers for women struggling with eating disorders. Summer barbeques, birthday parties, Fourth of July gatherings, and simply spending more time with loved ones can bring about anxiety and worry for these individuals. This is what makes the summertime a perfect time to get help for eating […]

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Common Reasons why People may not get Addiction Help

As a person who loves someone struggling with addiction, you may wonder why your loved one doesn’t want help. It can be challenging to understand why a person may not want to get help for an addiction. And you may even think it’s your fault. But there are a number of reasons individuals choose not […]

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How to Choose Between Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

You’ve finally made the decision to get healthy…for real this time. This means identifying and confronting eating disorder behaviors and their underlying causes with treatment. And now that you know you need to get help, you’ll need to start researching eating disorder treatment centers. But, how do you know which ones will best suit your […]