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Dealing With Grief and Loss as an Addict

This year, even more than others, as a global population, we’re dealing with grief and loss more than ever. With the current pandemic, death rates are rising. Even if you haven’t personally lost someone to the COVID-19 virus, you know someone who has. As an individual in living with substance abuse disorder and/or recovering from […]

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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t About Eating

Wanting to begin the new year with a few healthy goals? New year’s resolutions can be a great tool to encourage yourself to accomplish things. However, some resolutions can be harmful for people recovering from eating disorders and trying to instill healthy behaviors. Specifically, resolutions surrounding losing weight or restricting eating. Instead of making resolutions […]

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Does Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Actually Work?

Does getting help for addiction through treatment actually work? The short answer is yes. Recovery is absolutely possible through the help of treatment, including outpatient substance abuse treatment. Many living with substance abuse disorder may feel like they’ve tried everything, short of going to treatment to get clean. No matter the reason for considering treatment […]

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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving as a Person in Eating Disorder Recovery

Most people await Thanksgiving day each year with hopeful anticipation for the day of food, family, and celebrating blessings. But, for people living with eating disorders, Thanksgiving may be a day to dread. As a person living with eating disorders, the holiday season can be something that brings about anxiety and fear. But, it doesn’t […]

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Being Of Service: The Ultimate Step in the 12-Step Fellowship Program

Being of service – the ultimate step in the 12-step program carries the program’s message to others. In addition, to practice these principles in your life: Live what you’ve learned from the program and impart the spiritual awakening to others, too.  For example, one of the famous sayings used by 12-step groups is that you […]

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Defeating Negative Thought Patterns When You Feel Stuck

Our thoughts influence how we feel. So, when we get caught up using negative thought patterns, it can be easy to feel like we’re stuck in a rut. Especially for people in recovery from mental health issues, it’s vital to be able to maintain healthy, positive thinking patterns. This way, emotions are better managed. And, […]

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3 Factors That Increase the Risk for Substance Abuse Disorder

Not everyone who drinks or uses an addictive substance will end up addicted. There’s a reason why people can have a casual drink every now and then without going overboard. It’s because some people are at a higher risk for developing substance abuse disorder than others. Educating yourself on the factors that put people at […]

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Working on Yourself: How to Be a Better Listener

Certainly, talking with others is something that’s part of human nature. When we bottle up our feelings and don’t express them, they lead to damaging mental health effects. And, when we do express our feelings, we can better manage our lives by not letting our emotions control us. But, while it’s important to talk with […]

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6 Surprising Ways To Be A Grateful Addict During Recovery

A grateful addict will never use… Have you ever heard of the phrase? Why would an addict be grateful? What does this really mean?  Being a Grateful Addict in Recovery The road to recovery from addiction is tough, being grateful for one’s current situation is tougher. There’s not much one can think of to be […]

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How do I Talk to My Parents About My Addiction?

One of the most challenging moments of addiction is actually coming to terms with the fact that you are struggling. When you can admit you’re struggling with addiction, you’ve already taken the first step to getting help and beginning your recovery journey. However, while identifying and admitting your addiction to yourself is hard, there’s something […]