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The Importance of Forgiveness During Recovery from Addiction

People in recovery from addiction need to take a number of steps to ensure a healthy recovery journey. And, to establish long-lasting sobriety. One of the steps to achieve this that’s frequently discussed in AA groups and other types of group meetings is forgiveness. But, when most people think about forgiveness in recovery, they think […]

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Some of the Treatment Approaches Used to Address Disordered Eating

Disordered eating is typically a sign that an individual is struggling with a mental health condition known as an eating disorder. Essentially, eating behaviors may become distorted as a result of individuals attempting to self medicate symptoms of underlying mental health conditions. These mental health conditions can differ from person to person and can include […]

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Identifying a Loved One’s Struggle With Signs of Heroin Addiction

Using heroin is not only a danger to health, but it can lead to a lifestyle of severe addiction. Heroin is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. And, with overdose death rates rising as the opioid epidemic continues, heroin addiction is more prevalent than ever before. Fortunately, treatment is effective in combating […]

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Back to School Tips for Girls in Eating Disorder Recovery

Now that it’s September, people of all ages are going back to school after the summer months. However, individuals going back to school or college in eating disorder recovery may have some worries about jumping back into class. Fortunately, there are some back to school tips parents and students can take advantage of to encourage […]

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Some of the Long Term Effects of Drug Abuse

Everyone is aware that drug addiction can lead to death. But, in many cases, death doesn’t come knocking on an addict’s door for many years. In these scenarios, people aren’t necessarily free from the dangers of drug abuse. This is because long-term drug abuse presents a number of negative effects besides just death. However, different […]

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Advice for Sharing Your Emotions During Eating Disorder Recovery

Being able to express emotions in a healthy way is a huge accomplishment. It allows one to not hold on to negative emotions that can lead to more serious issues. But, those struggling with mental health issues like eating disorders may have difficulty with expressing emotions. In most cases, women struggling with eating disorders attempt […]

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Why Trauma Survivors Have a Higher Risk of Developing Eating Disorders

Living through traumatic experiences can lead to a number of other issues. For instance, experiencing high levels of stress due to trauma which is then self-medicated with self-harming behaviors. And, lead to the development of mental health issues. One way people attempt to self-medicate appease the symptoms of trauma is by eating more or eating […]

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When Mothers Struggle with Substance Abuse Disorder

Mothers are strong. They’re who kiss our scrapes and bruises when we’re little. They pick up after everyone’s mess, make sure their family is fed, and love unconditionally. But, while mothers are certainly the superheroes of the world, they aren’t perfect. And, struggle with mental health issues, just as others do. So, it’s possible for […]

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Coping with Grief During Recovery from an Addiction or Eating Disorder

Losing a loved one is never easy. But, for those in recovery from mental health issues like eating disorders or addiction, it’s not just hard to lose a loved one – it’s also dangerous. Dealing with grief can bring about a different person in anyone who deals with it. And, unfortunately, this alternative grieving person […]

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Building Self Confidence in 5 Easy Ways

Eating disorders are mental health conditions that affect a person’s self confidence. So much so in fact, that women struggling with eating disorders may even have distorted views of themselves. For this reason, it’s imperative for women in eating disorder recovery to learn how to increase their self confidence. This way, they can learn how […]