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Female-Specific Treatment – What to Expect

If you are like most women who suffer from a severe and prolonged addictive disorder, the concept of sitting in an estrogen-polluted room for hours on end every day for 3 months probably seems equivalent to purgatory. The deeper I fell into my own personal struggle with alcoholism and anorexia, the less time I wanted […]

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Recovery for Women – Supplemental Methods

Women are complicated creatures. We cry and we laugh (sometimes all at once), we feel things deeply (sometimes struggling to express our emotional states but not for lack of trying), we are innately instilled with a deep-seated sense of compassion and nurturing that allows us the unique ability to fill the roles of mother, wife, […]

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12-Step Programs for Eating Disorder Recovery

The 12-step program as it was initially developed in the mid 1930s has become an integral component of the overall recovery process worldwide, and has saved thousands of lives over the course of the past several decades. Despite the fact that the 12-step program was initially developed as a means of helping alcoholics, it has […]

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Shocking Eating Disorder Statistics

Because of the stigmas and misinformation revolving around eating disorders, they remain relatively under-addressed. Those who suffer from commonly misconceived disordered eating patterns such as compulsive binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia, will often suffer in silence until it is far too late, afraid of facing criticism, judgment, or discrimination. The same is true of those […]

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Society and Eating Disorders in Women

Eating disorders in women are extremely devastating – and extremely common. Many of the women I speak to admit that they have struggled with body image issues from a young age, in large part because of the unrealistic expectations they feel were imparted by societal and cultural standards. Many of us played with Barbie dolls […]

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Women and ADD – Why the Misdiagnosis?

Common misconceptions surrounding ADD lead many to believe that it is a male disorder – however, this could not be farther from the truth. The truth is that just as many women suffer from this specific psychological disorder, and they have been proven to undergo significantly more psychological distress than men as a direct result. […]

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Women and Mental Illness

Mental illness affects women and men differently. It is estimated that between one and three American citizens struggles with mental illness, but that this rate is significantly higher amongst women. Women are especially prone to certain mental disorders, and some disorders will present themselves differently in women than in men. Some of the mental disorders […]

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Eating Disorders and Alcoholism – My Story

I never thought that I was fat, I just knew that I wanted to be thinner. At first, I mean. As things got worse – as the voice got louder and more insane – I started to see things that weren’t there. I didn’t see skin wrapped taut around bones like everyone else. I saw […]

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Learning to Love Your Body

As women, we are faced with an obscene amount of unrealistic societal standards regarding personal appearance and sex appeal. Like it or not, we are constantly objectified by television, magazines, and multiple other social media formats. We internalize beauty standards from a young age, and often feel we need to look a certain way in […]

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Drug Addiction and Anorexia Nervosa

Addiction and Anorexia Over the course of the past several decades, there has been a growing acceptance amongst members of the medical community in regards to the direct link between substance abuse disorders and eating disorders – especially in females. There are many variations of eating disorder that women suffering from addiction are simultaneously afflicted […]