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Most Common Medications that Result in Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is something that has been haunting our nation’s people for decades. For almost 30 years, people in our country have been dying of opioid overdoses. And, much of the people who have overdosed on opioids and other drugs started their journey of addiction with prescription medication. Sadly, some of these people who’ve […]

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Mental Health Nutrition: 6 Neurotransmitters to Look for in your Diet

Have you ever heard of mental health nutrition? In case you didn’t know, the brain needs nutrients as much as the other organs.  Even when a person is resting, it runs at a top level of unceasing work.  It doesn’t stop running: the brain needs fuel to maintain such a demanding task. The fuel it […]

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5 Ways to Work on Learning to Love Yourself More

While it’s important for each person to strive to take care of and love oneself, this is especially true for people living with eating disorders. When we work on self-love during recovery, we’re more likely to want to continue our healing journey. And, benefit most from the things we do to maintain our mental wellbeing. […]

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Overcoming Binge Eating and Trauma Together

For many years, it has been known that eating disorders can develop due to trauma. Essentially, when a person experiences trauma, they’re at a higher risk of developing mental health issues as a result. And, this includes eating disorders. Specifically, the development of binge eating disorder is high for those who experience trauma. So, it’s […]

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Parenting Advice for People with Children Living with Eating Disorders

Parenting is no easy task. It’s a lifelong commitment that comes with heavy sacrifices. But, while parenting is a challenge to anyone, those with children living with eating disorders may have even more difficulty. It can be challenging to navigate parenting for a child with mental health issues. But, fortunately, there is parenting advice these […]

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Answering Your Questions About Using Telehealth Support

Just because a global pandemic is keeping us from our normal routine, it doesn’t mean we still can’t take care of our mental health. Especially, if you’re in recovery from substance abuse, trauma (PTSD), or eating disorders. That’s why, here at Willow Place for Women, we’re offering our patients and those who need help telehealth […]

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Positive Things you Can Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s easy to get swept up in all the negativity that’s surrounding this day and time. But, it’s important that you don’t let this negative overcome you. Without a positive mindset, especially during a specifically hard or different circumstance, this can become dangerous to your mental health. And, your recovery as a whole. During this […]

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Don’t Fall for These COVID-19 Myths

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the current state of the world and COVID-19. But, spreading misinformation in this time of sensitivity is unsafe. So, to keep people safe and informed, we’ve come up with a list of myths surrounding this pandemic and virus. This way, people can understand the best ways to remain […]

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Introducing PHP and IOP Telehealth Services

Everyone in the nation is practicing social distancing in attempts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. The current outbreak accounts for effects on nearly every person’s lifestyle. And, not in a good way. Whether you’re affected by a death from someone who contracted the virus, the loss of a job, not being able to […]

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Eating Disorder Help in the form of Online Therapy

We’ve never had to uproot our lifestyles and put them on hold for the sake of a virus epidemic before now. And, not only are people having to postpone plans and halt their usual routines, people are losing their jobs, having to stay away from the ones they love, and even getting sick and dying. […]