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Take Advantage of Self Care Activities During COVID-19 Isolation

With stay at home orders in place during this uncertain time of the COVID-19 outbreak, the nation is going indoors in attempts to help stop the spread of this virus. Certainly, it’s a time to prepare and stay as safe as possible by practicing the CDC’s suggestions. But, it is also a time when we’ll […]

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Some Helpful Tips for Establishing Long Term Recovery

When you begin your journey with sobriety, you sign up for a life of recovery. However, recovery isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. And, unfortunately, not all people stay sober for life, even though that is everyone’s initial hope. Certainly, life doesn’t stop just because you decide to get sober. Therefore, when life throws you curveballs, […]

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Dealing with Anxiety Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s all over the news, social media platforms, and what everyone seems to be talking about – the Coronavirus. For weeks, this virus has been spreading throughout the world, taking more and more lives each and every day. Amidst all of this chaos and unknown, it’s almost impossible not to experience some kind of fear […]

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5 Ways to Support a Loved One Struggling With Compulsive Overeating

It’s not uncommon for individuals who love people struggling with eating disorders like binge eating disorder, otherwise known as compulsive overeating, to want to help. In fact, one of the most commonly asked questions treatment centers get about their family members in treatment is “how can we help”? Fortunately, there are a few things family […]

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8 Negative Thinking Habits to Break in Recovery

You are what you think. Certainly, physical health is obviously important to wellbeing and overall personal health. But, without mental health, physical health is absolute. For instance, people who aren’t in a good mental space can experience negative physical symptoms as a result of their thinking. This just goes to show the importance of maintaining […]

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Criteria for a Binge Eating Disorder Diagnosis

It was only fewer than 7 years ago that Binge Eating Disorder was officially deemed an eating disorder by way of the DSM-5 of the American Psychiatric Association. Since then, millions of women have wondered if they, themselves were living with this disorder. And, attempt to figure out if they are, indeed, struggling with this […]

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The Importance of Substance Abuse Education During Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse education is a big part of the treatment process for those in recovery from addiction. Education on drugs and substance abuse can include a number of topics; from addressing the effects of addiction to learning how addiction impacts family members. Learning more about drugs and addiction provides individuals with insight into all the […]

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4 Getting Sober Myths That Just Aren’t True

If you’re just starting your journey to recovery, or you’re thinking about how sobriety may be beneficial to you, you could have some presumptions about sobriety. Whether these presumptions come from friends, books, television shows, or even your own mind, some of your expectations about sobriety are bound to be untrue. But, since your mentality […]

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Women are Living with PTSD Now More Than Ever

More than likely, you’ve heard of PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is far from uncommon. Often, people associate it with war-zone experiences and military service members. Although many people who have served our country are suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, there are many other PTSD causes to explore. People can suffer from this […]

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Does Addiction Really Affect Women Differently?

When it comes to addiction, many people wonder how it affects those who suffer from it. The truth of the matter is that substance use impacts people in different ways for various reasons. For example, sometimes, the way alcoholism affects one person can be completely different from the way it affects someone else. Often, addiction’s […]