Building Healthy Relationships After Addiction Treatment

Willow Place on December 18, 2018
Building Healthy Relationships After Addiction Treatment

Addiction impacts people in many ways. For a lot of people, substance abuse is the cause for separation and distance amongst family members and friends. Many times when addiction is in the picture, people become isolated from their loved ones. This can happen for several different reasons. In some cases, separation happens because of guilt and shame. People who are dealing with a substance abuse problem may distance themselves from their loved ones because they feel ashamed or guilty about their alcohol or drug use problem. In other situations, families or friends may become distant from their addicted loved ones. This could happen because they are unsure how to help or unable to deal with the negative effects of their loved one’s addiction. Regardless of the case, many people who have had an addiction problem may find themselves needing help building healthy relationships after they’ve gone through treatment.

The Challenges of Building Healthy Relationships

Since addiction can cause issues with existing relationships, some people struggle to figure out how to make amends once they become free from substance abuse. They may wonder how to reestablish a healthy relationship with their spouse. Or, they may struggle to fix things with their kids. Some people want to figure out how to become close to their friends again. Then, there are those who struggle to establish new relationships with new people. Addiction also affects the way people feel about themselves and interact with others. So, it can be hard for people to have interpersonal interactions, even after they’ve gone through treatment and therapy.

Building healthy relationships is sometimes very difficult for most people, whether or not they have ever dealt with addiction. But, it’s important to work on ways to build positive, good relationships with other people because we thrive off of human interaction. It’s especially important for people who have suffered from addiction to establish authentic, helpful, supportive relationships with other people. If you’ve recently overcome a drug or alcohol problem, you may be struggling in this area. But, don’t feel alone; many people who are in recovery are working to improve in this area. Addiction may have taken some of your time and caused problems in your life and the lives of the people you care about. But, there is still hope for you! Building healthy relationships is still possible. We’ve got a few tips you can use to help you in this area of your life.

How to Create Real Relationships With Others

You may have heard people talk about how you important it is to love yourself? There is certainly quite a bit of truth to that. The first thing you need to do in order to begin building healthy relationships is to establish a healthy mentality towards yourself. That’s right; you need to first improve the way you think about yourself and who you are. Forgive yourself and don’t allow guilt or shame to hold you back from moving forward in life. When you have more confidence in yourself, you can be more invested in interpersonal relationships. Next up is honesty. Transparency and truthfulness are also important parts of building healthy relationships. Whether you’re looking for a romantic relationship or a meaningful friendship, it’s important to be honest with the person you care about. Communication is a key part of any healthy relationship.

Therapy can be very helpful for you as you work to establish healthy interpersonal relationships with others. Maybe you’re not sure where to get that kind of help. If so, Willow Place for Women can help you! Just contact us today to learn about our treatment and therapy programs.

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