Bulimia Facts To Be Aware Of

Willow Place on July 28, 2016
Bulimia Facts To Be Aware Of

Bulimia is a complicated eating disorder with many symptoms a person may not be aware of. As one of the eating disorders, it is classified as a mental issue that needs to be treated as such because the actual eating disorder is usually tied to problems like anxiety and depression. Bulimia can be a potentially life-threatening disorder if left untreated, and it is also a chronic disease that can last a lifetime. Proper care and vigilance are important to make sure a person living with bulimia can live a healthy, long life. Here are some bulimia facts you may not be aware of.

Bulimia Facts and Symptoms

Do you think you might be suffering from, or know someone who is suffering from bulimia? Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Bingeing and purging. People with bulimia often binge eat, and then purposely vomit their food as a way of controlling their calorie intake. Eating excessively when a person isn’t even hungry is an indicator that something might be wrong.
  • Bathroom trips after eating. When someone is suffering from bulimia, they’ll feel the urge to make themselves get sick right after eating food. If you suspect that a person has an eating disorder and they make frequent trips to the bathroom right after eating, bulimia may be the cause.
  • Red eyes, a hoarse throat, and puffy face. Getting sick takes a large toll on a person’s body, and sooner or later there will be indications of their disease. Signs to look for are red eyes or broken capillaries in the skin around their eyes. A hoarse throat can be caused by getting sick frequently, as can a puffy appearance around the face.
  • Self-harming. A person with bulimia might turn to other types of self-harm like cutting, burning, or otherwise hurting themselves. If you notice any unexplained cuts or injuries on a person that doesn’t have a reasonable explanation, it could be caused by bulimia.

Getting Help for Bulimia

Bulimia isn’t just a disease where a person throws up excessively. Bulimics may take laxatives, or exercise excessively to keep their weight in control. It’s a disease that makes a person feel like they need to be in control, and people suffering from it do so by taking it out on their own body. Help is necessary for this kind of mental disorder so that the cycle of self-harm and self-inflicted pain ends. Don’t wait until it is too late – bulimia can severely harm a person’s health, so save yours as soon as you notice the signs.


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