How Bulimia Therapy Can Help You

Willow Place on January 31, 2018
How Bulimia Therapy Can Help You

Bulimia, also known as Bulimia Nervosa, is a severe and potentially life threatening eating disorder that many people suffer from in silence. It is normally characterized by eating a large amount of food in one sitting followed by purging in order to avoid consuming the calories and gaining weight. Purging usually consists of making yourself vomit, using laxatives, and extreme exercising.

Eating disorders such as this one can often completely control your life. They are isolating in the sense that bingeing and purging is often done in secret, so it is easy to hide the issue from loved ones for a long time. However, it is important to note that this is a serious problem, and bulimia therapy is one of the best ways to help yourself and potentially even save your life. If you allow bulimia to go untreated for too long, it can turn into a health nightmare and can even lead to death.

What to Expect from Bulimia Therapy

Many people with bulimia and other eating disorders never get the help they need. You may think you’ll be able to stop harming your body on your own, or you might be too worried about telling other people about your problem. First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Eating disorders are a serious issue that require treatment, and bulimia therapy can help set your life on the right track.

In bulimia therapy, one of the first things you will do is go through a medical and mental exam in order to figure out the cause of your bulimia. There can be plenty of causes, with some of the common ones including:

  • A traumatic life situation
  • Depression or anxiety
  • A negative body image and low self-esteem

Determining what factors contributed to your bulimia can help to get you out of it. For example, if a recent divorce or death in the family is the problem, you will receive counselling for that. If a mood disorder like anxiety or depression is at the source, you might be treated with a course of medication to help get you back on track. For negative body image and low self esteem, we can help you think differently and learn to appreciate your body and focus on making it healthy and strong.

In bulimia therapy, we know that everyone is different and that everyone requires a personalized course of care. After we figure out the causes of your eating disorder, we move on to how it has affected your body. In advanced cases, you may be experiencing things like inflammation of your esophagus, oral lesions, ulcers, and a host of other complications. We will have you work with a doctor to minimize any damage done and prevent it from happening again in the future.

In bulimia therapy, we’ll speak about improving your body image, and reversing poor self esteem. It is important to learn how to end the bingeing and purging cycle and with individual and group therapy we can help you get away from the seemingly never ending cycle. In your individual therapy, we also make sure the address any mood disorders so that you are properly treated. By treating those, you will come a long way towards improving your sense of self, your emotions, and your outlook on life in general.

Bulimia therapy will help to reverse and eliminate irrational thoughts about your body image and what you need to look like. It will also help you heal emotionally and physically from the toll your disorder had taken on your body. With help, you can make bulimia a thing of the past.

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