What You Can Expect from Eating Disorder Programs

Willow Place on September 15, 2017
What You Can Expect from Eating Disorder Programs

If you are preparing for a stay at an inpatient eating disorder treatment facility, you may be wondering what it is going to be like. Although you may be nervous for the change you are about to face, there really isn’t anything to be nervous about! Eating disorder programs are put in place to help you feel confident again. But, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for what you might experience throughout your time in treatment.

Upon Your Arrival to an Eating Disorder Treatment Facility

Once you arrive, you can expect an initial psychological and physical assessment. These will be performed by experienced psychologists and doctors who specialize in helping individuals gain recovery from eating disorders. Assessments are performed to not only gain familiarity with medical and eating disorder history, but also to track your progress throughout your time in treatment. Along with recording information about yourself to track your progress, the initial assessment will allow you to meet and gain familiarity with your staff who will walk alongside you throughout your time in treatment right from the get-go.

What to Expect from Meals in Eating Disorder Programs

Because you are thinking about entering eating disorder treatment, you are probably wondering what meal time will look like. Throughout your stay in an inpatient eating disorder treatment facility, you’ll share your mealtime with the other guests and staff in the facility. This way, eating is community event each day that is expected, supported, and comfortable for everyone. This way, the meal isn’t just about eating. It’s about sharing, supporting, and spending time with others.

Will I be Weighed throughout Eating Disorder Programs?

More often than not, eating disorder programs do weigh clients enrolled into treatment. But, this isn’t for you to keep track of your weight. It’s for staff to examine your psychological and physical progress throughout treatment. So, because they aren’t for your knowledge, expect a blind weigh-in every few days. Blind weigh-ins are when clients can expect to step on a scale but not view their weight. The weight will only be seen and known by staff members. This is so that instead of focusing on the number of your weight, you can focus on your goals for treatment.

Gaining Knowledge on Nutrition throughout Treatment

Undeniably, one of the major parts of eating disorder programs is the education you’ll receive about nutrition. Each client in treatment is assigned a dietician. This way, you’ll have a detailed overview of what you will consume throughout the day. And, you’ll be educated on the importance of balanced meals and a scheduled meal plan. This knowledge is something that you will be able to take with you and utilize once treatment concludes to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Experiencing both Individualized and Group Therapy Sessions

Upon your arrival, you’ll be provided with a schedule which includes both individualized and group therapy sessions. Individualized sessions are meetings with an eating disorder therapist to not only identify the underlying causes of your disorder, but confront them. This way, you’ll be more aware of why you struggle with your eating disorder and also understand why you need to take the steps you do to get healthy. Group therapy sessions are those which involve other patients of the eating disorder programs. During these sessions, you’ll be able to hear patient testimonials, discuss interesting topics, and practice relapse prevention techniques among the group. Furthermore, group therapy sessions can provide you with the confidence to socialize in a healthy way with like-minded peers!

Ready to See what Eating Disorder Programs Can Do For You?

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