Here’s Some Information About CBT for Eating Disorders

Willow Place on October 2, 2018
Here’s Some Information About CBT for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are serious and should be dealt with in the best way possible. Many individuals who are suffering from them are unsure of how or where to find help. Sometimes, people are not really sure what is happening in their lives. A woman may not realize that she’s dealing with an eating disorder. Or, she may not realize the extent of the problem. Those around her may also be unsure about the issue. Even when the issue is recognized, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to get help. But one of the best parts of treatment those who are suffering from an eating disorder is therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, can be helpful for those who are working to overcome one of these issues. Let’s talk a little more about the benefits of CBT for eating disorders.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

There are many different types of therapy that can help people who are struggling. In many cases, people can benefit from several kinds of therapy. But one of the therapies that can be a big help to those who are going through an eating disorder is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This type of therapy is designed to help people address and reverse their cognitive behaviors. More simply put, CBT works to help change the way people think. When a person is dealing with a disorder, she also suffers from unhealthy thinking patterns. Her cognitive behaviors contribute to the eating disorder. These negative patterns and behaviors can make it very difficult for her to overcome the disorder.

CBT for eating disorders is a therapy that helps improve those negative habits. It seeks to help individuals develop healthier thinking patterns. When a person is able to think more positively, she can deal with things like stress and anxiety in a more healthy way. This may help her to eliminate abnormal and harmful eating habits from her life. It can also give her the tools she needs to avoid other issues that could cause her harm. CBT for eating disorders may also help to address co-existing disorders and problems a person may be dealing with. For example, trauma or stress disorder can lead to an eating disorder. But CBT may address those struggles, helping the individual to overcome the disorder and its underlying causes.

More About CBT for Eating Disorders

It’s important to mention some of the harmful thought processes and patterns that people may deal with when they have an eating disorder. Sometimes, women who suffer from these disorders struggle with unhealthy thoughts about their physical appearances. They may also have negative thoughts about their value and self-worth. When a person deals with such thoughts, it can be difficult to see past them. But, in CBT for eating disorders, a therapist can help the patient to address these thoughts and emotions. The individual in treatment can learn ways to both recognize and deal with those struggles. She can then continue to use these strategies even after treatment is completed.

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

At Willow Place for Women, we know that people who deal with an eating disorder need individualized treatment. It’s not easy to overcome issues like this. So we work to make sure each of our clients receives the help she needs in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer various types of therapy and treatment, including CBT for eating disorders. Many women are currently living with anorexia nervosa, bulimia, or binge eating disorder. It’s important to know that there is hope! And there is help for those who want to become free from these harmful struggles. So, if you or a woman in your life needs help overcoming an eating disorder, simply contact us today.

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