Some of the Most Common Signs of Eating Disorders

Willow Place on July 27, 2022
Some of the Most Common Signs of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are some of the most dangerous mental health illnesses. They can lead to malnutrition, emotional dysregulation and suffering, negative self-perception, and even deadly physical side effects. So, for people who are living with these disorders, it’s crucial to be able to recognize the effects of these disorders in order to identify that they need help. And, reach out to help that provides them with individualized care that can help them to change their mindset, thinking patterns, and behaviors about food, eating, and living. So, in this blog, we discuss some of the signs of eating disorders to look out for so that people who are living with these illnesses can finally understand the danger they may be in and choose to get the help they need and deserve to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. 

Some of the most common signs of eating disorders can include: 

Losing Weight Quickly and Drastically

Not all eating disorders involve losing weight. But, sometimes, drastic weight changes can indicate that an individual may be struggling with an eating disorder. So, if you or a loved one has lost a lot of weight intentionally over a short period of time, this may be a sign that an eating disorder is present – specifically, anorexia. Other types of eating disorders may not involve losing weight drastically or even over time, but since anorexia is the most dangerous of the eating disorders, this is an important symptom to look out for. 

Obsessively Exercising or Fad Dieting

Another sign of eating disorders, specifically anorexia, is a hyper-fixation on losing weight. While it can be hard, as a person who loves another with an eating disorder, to find out what’s going on in someone’s mind, these thoughts can often portray themselves as behaviors. For example, a person living with anorexia who is obsessing over losing weight may partake in extreme fad diets and constantly exercise in order to burn calories. So, these behaviors can often be a sign that something else is going on like an eating disorder. 

Not Wanting to Eat With Others

Some signs of eating disorders are hard to see and notice. But, one that’s not hard to pinpoint is when a person avoids eating with others. So, if you have a loved one that never wants to eat in front of people and doesn’t order when family and friends get together at a restaurant, this could be a sign that this individual is experiencing the symptoms of an eating disorder. In many cases, people who are living with eating disorders struggle with their self-image. So, this can transfer to how others view them as well. So, they may be uncomfortable with eating with and in front of others. 

Eating in Isolation and Hiding Evidence of Eating

Sometimes, people with eating disorders, specifically binge eating disorder, will eat in isolation. This means taking food into isolated areas, like in their bedroom to eat. Furthermore, along with eating in isolation, another sign of binge eating disorder is hiding the evidence of eating in isolation. This can mean storing papers, utensils, and wrappers that held food in odd places. 

Changing Clothing in Drastic Ways

Eating disorders are often paired with a skewed sense of self, negative self-image, and poor self-esteem. So, people who are living with eating disorders may try to hide how their bodies look by wearing baggy clothing and even long sleeves or pants even if it’s hot outside. This is due to feeling guilt or shame about their own appearance. 

Living With the Symptoms of Eating Disorders? Get Help at Willow Place for Women

The symptoms of eating disorders vary from person to person and depend upon which type of eating disorder a person may be struggling with. So, whether you experience one or all of the symptoms listed above, it can make sense to reach out for help. Fortunately, there is help available for people who are struggling with disordered eating behaviors through treatment. Willow Place for Women is an outpatient, women’s-only eating disorder treatment facility located in Asheville, NC. We provide women living with the symptoms of eating disorders with the tools necessary to heal and learn to live healthy lifestyles, free from disordered eating behaviors. Find out more about our outpatient programs for eating disorders from our website today. 

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