Compulsive Overeating Treatment is Within Reach!

Willow Place on January 29, 2018
Compulsive Overeating Treatment is Within Reach!

It is perfectly normal to overindulge once in a while. The holidays are a notorious time for doing so, and in January everyone works hard to work off the excess weight they may have put on. However, compulsive overeating is a different story, and chances are that if you are looking into it, you suffer from it. When it comes to most things like addiction to drugs, alcohol, or food – if you think you may have a problem, you usually do.

Compulsive eating is characterized as a food addiction. If you suffer from this disorder, you use food to mask and pacify your emotions, and to fill a void. Like many others do with alcohol or drugs, you use food to make you feel better in sad or stressed times, and as a reward when you are happy. You probably find that most things you do revolve around food.

What Causes Compulsive Overeating and How You Can Get Treatment?

There are a few known causes of compulsive overeating, with one of the major ones being depression and anxiety. These are common mood disorders that affect a tremendous amount of people of all ages. People come in different ways, and you might find that you cope by using food as a defense mechanism. If you binge eat, chances are you may also have low self-esteem, you may feel lonely and isolated, and you may not be happy with your appearance and the way your life is going.

Compulsive overeating is also frequently referred to as binge eating. It is different from bulimia in the fact that you don’t force yourself to vomit after eating a large amount of food. When you have this disorder, you often feel powerless over your food, and eating the amount you do is done compulsively, just like the name suggests. The problem with eating compulsively is that it may help fill the void you are looking for it to fill at first, but afterwards you might feel ill, upset with yourself, and disappointed in your lack of self control. It is a vicious cycle that is tremendously difficult to break on your own.

Binge eating disorder is considered an eating disorder and professional help is the best way to get yourself on a better track. You most likely need compulsive overeating treatment if you find that you have a hard time controlling what you eat, you eat large amounts in secret or hide food, you eat huge portions in a short period of time, you find yourself eating at odd times, like the middle of the night, you eat to pacify emotions like anxiety, sadness, or loneliness.

What To Expect During Treatment

When you get treatment for any eating disorder, it is all about building a better relationship with your own body. We’ll diagnose any underlying mood disorders like depression or anxiety to make you feel more at ease and comfortable with yourself. We also work to uncover any medical issues that may be contributing to your eating disorder or that have happened as a result of it.

The key is to build a healthier relationship with food – using it as a tool to nourish your body instead of numbing your emotions. Together with your therapist, you will learn how to break the cycle of binge eating which usually consists of:

  • Feeling deprived
  • The urge to eat
  • The act of eating a large amount
  • Negative feelings and beating yourself up about your binge
  • Trying to regain control

In compulcive overeating treatment, you’ll learn how to have a better relationship with food and to find better ways to manage your feelings. With some therapy, medical guidance as needed, and time, you will be able to see that food is not the answer to helping your feelings, and you’ll be able to build up healthier lifestyle habits for a great future.

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