Don’t Fall for These COVID-19 Myths

Willow Place on April 20, 2020
Don’t Fall for These COVID-19 Myths

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the current state of the world and COVID-19. But, spreading misinformation in this time of sensitivity is unsafe. So, to keep people safe and informed, we’ve come up with a list of myths surrounding this pandemic and virus. This way, people can understand the best ways to remain healthy and focus on the proven ways to stop this virus from spreading.

COVID-19 is Just a Seasonal Flu-Like the Ones we get Every Year

The “19” in COVID-19 suggests that there were 18 viruses before the birth of the one that resulted in the current pandemic. This has led many to believe that the virus affecting the human population now is just as common as those other viruses. But, these other COVID viruses aren’t the same. And, COVID-19 is not just another flu.

The main thing that makes COVID-19 different from the other COVID viruses is its mortality rate. Typically, the seasonal flu has a mortality rate of less than 0.1%. However, COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 3-4%, which is much higher than what we normally see from the average seasonal flu.

Along with COVID-19’s higher mortality rate, it also differs from the traditional flu in other ways. Most notably, the symptoms of COVID-19 aren’t like traditional seasonal flus. For example, those diagnosed experience respiratory difficulty and dry coughing. These symptoms are typically not associated with seasonal flus, as these viruses usually are accompanied by fever, cold sweats, runny nose, and sore throat.

The Virus Was Created in a Lab by Man

Don’t Fall for These COVID-19 Myths | Willow PlaceThere’s a myth circulating that the virus was man-made in a lab by scientists. And, that this virus somehow escaped the lab; whether intentional or not. However, this is just a conspiracy theory. The COVID-19 virus was in fact transmitted to humans by bats. While it may seem easy to believe conspiracy theories such as this, they actually harm the battle against the virus and keep it from spreading.

When these types of conspiracy theories are spread and people actually believe them, it can keep people from trusting government and scientific research that is crucial to stopping this virus. And, keeping people from contracting the disease. So, it’s important that people understand the truth about how this virus came to be. This way, more individuals will be willing to follow guidelines and suggestions that are effective in keeping us all safe and healthy.

Elderly People Are the Only Ones Who Should Worry About the Virus

Many people who are younger may not think the virus is a big deal because they think the only people who are dying from it are elderly. But, that’s not the case. While elderly people have higher risks associated with contracting the virus, the virus certainly does not discriminate against any age. In fact, according to records published by the CDC, almost 30% of patients being treated for COVID-19 are between the ages of 20 and 44.

So, while the elderly and people with concurring health conditions do have to be extra safe, don’t think you’re immune to the virus just because you’re younger. You still need to practice the health and safety suggestions of your local government.

We Can’t do Anything but Wait for a Vaccine

Potentially the most dangerous myth to believe is that there’s nothing we can do to stop the spread of coronavirus without a vaccine. However, there are still some important things we CAN do to help keep the virus from spreading. Thus, keeping fewer people from contracting it and getting sick. For example:

  • Washing your hands frequently and effectively (20 seconds or longer)
  • Staying inside your home
  • Keeping away from social environments and at least 6 feet apart from others when in public spaces

Getting Mental Health Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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