The Dangers of Having No Support System During Recovery

Willow Place on September 3, 2018
The Dangers of Having No Support System During Recovery

Life isn’t always easy when you’re working to recover from addiction or an eating disorder. Some moments can be extremely difficult. It’s hard to end the cycles and habits that have been a part of your life for so long. When the body grows accustomed to a certain way of life, it takes a lot of work and dedication to create a new “normal” for it. As someone who is going through recovery, you may sometimes struggle to feel comfortable or motivated throughout this process. These problems are often what cause the journey of recovery to be so difficult. It’s especially hard to go through recovery without people to support, encourage, and motivate you. When you have no support system, the road to total recovery can be very long and hard.

What Happens When You Have No Support System?

Surrounding yourself with supportive and encouraging people is important in any stage of life. It’s especially helpful when you are in recovery. Whether you are working to overcome an eating disorder or an addiction problem, you need people around you who will walk with you throughout the whole process. A support system is a group of people who provide emotional support. If a person has no support system, it means that she does not have a group of positive and encouraging people around her. Unfortunately, many people is recovery find that they can’t get the right kind of help from those at home. Sometimes, families and friends may not provide the strength and encouragement that people in recovery need. Because of this, many people become discouraged and aren’t able to continue on their journey to freedom from addiction. However, when you are able to spend time with people who are supportive of your choice to get treatment, you will find that you feel much more motivated.

Finding True Support From Others

The Dangers of Having No Support System During RecoveryIt’s important to mention right now that your success in recovery is certainly not dependent on others. With determination and dedication, you can overcome addiction and other harmful lifestyles, no matter what! But, it can be very helpful for you to have people around you who will stand by you and provide that emotional support that you need. But where does a person find a good support system? Well, the answer to that will vary from person to person. But one way you can gain the support you need is through group therapy. As we mentioned before, some people may have no support system at home. But, group therapy offers people in recovery the chance to spend time with people who understand the challenges that come with recovery. It also allows people to speak with therapists who can help people as they work through treatment.

If you do have friends or family members who will be there for you, spend time with them! Avoid making connections with negative influences. You may have had friends who also used drugs or drank with you. Now that you’re in a new chapter of your life, you should try to stay away from situations that could cause you to relapse. Sometimes, that means ending harmful relationships and friendships. Remember, no support system is too small. If you have a small group of friends or a small therapy group, you can still get the strength you need to keep going!

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