The Dangers of Stress: How Stress Can Impact Your Health

Willow Place on October 7, 2020
The Dangers of Stress: How Stress Can Impact Your Health

Stress and health have a connection as stress can negatively affect a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, if you aren’t feeling well or like yourself lately and have been stressed out, it could be the reason. However, not managing your stress levels can come with long term effects, if it hasn’t already done so. So, learning about the dangers of stress and how to cope with stress in your own life is important.

What Stress Feels Like and Why We Experience It

Have you been stressed lately and wonder if it may be the cause of some of the health issues you’re facing? While stress is a natural reaction to stressful situations, if you’re overstressed or deal with stress frequently, it can lead to health issues.

When someone is stressed, their body reacts in order to protect itself. This is what’s known as the fight or flight response, brought on by a release of adrenaline. This response and rush of adrenaline is what’s responsible for the immediate symptoms of stress including:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Increased breathing
  • Heightened senses (vision and hearing)
  • Muscle tension and soreness
  • Feelings of doom and/or tightness of the chest

Essentially, stress is the result of a natural reaction the body has. But, for many people, the fight or flight response is triggered by everyday events. And, for these individuals, these high, frequent levels of stress can begin to take their damaging toll on the body and mind.

Some Effects of Stress that Can Affect Health

The experience of frequent bouts of stress or heightened levels of stress may be due to underlying causes like trauma or other mental health issues. People who experience higher or more frequent levels of stress will often be left to deal with the long term effects of stress. Unfortunately, these effects are often debilitating and threatening to one’s health.

Some of the long term effects of heightened or frequent levels of high stress include:

  • Problems with digesting (constipation, upset stomach, etc.)
  • Sleep issues (insomnia or sleeping too much)
  • Panic attacks
  • Development of depression
  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • Exhaustion
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Dental issues due to teeth grinding
  • Weight gain
  • Other illnesses (due to impaired immune system)

Along with underlying conditions being the result of issues with stress, stress can also result in the development of problems. For example, instead of getting help for stress, some people may try to self-medicate themselves with drugs or alcohol. Thus, leading to the development of substance abuse disorder.

Whether or not co-occurring issues are developed as a result of stress or stress develops as a result of co-occurring issues, it’s important to address both stress and concurring issues together. This way, you’ll not only learn coping skills to manage stress but also how to manage the things that may promote stress in your life. And, obtain successful, lasting healing and recovery.

Dealing With the Dangers of Stress

Are you experiencing stress, the above symptoms of stress, and any of the above negative, long term side effects of stress? Are you living with trauma and/or addiction and dealing with stress as a result? Help is available and effective in helping people living with stress and concurring issues resulting from stress.

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Here at Willow Place for Women, we offer outpatient daytime treatment for women, structured by women in recovery from eating disorders and addiction. During treatment, individuals can work on identifying issues in their own lives which may be the result of addiction, eating disorders, or trauma. This includes identifying and working on high levels of stress and the effects of stress on the mind and body.

Learn more about our daytime outpatient services located at our facility in Asheville, North Carolina right on our website. And, reach out to us by writing us a message or calling us for a confidential conversation today at 1-888-651-4212.

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