Is Detox During Pregnancy Safe for Me and My Baby?

Becki Meerbeek on August 8, 2017
Is Detox During Pregnancy Safe for Me and My Baby?

Are you pregnant and addicted to a substance or you have a loved one that is dealing with both pregnancy and addiction? If so, you may be wondering if detox during pregnancy is safe for both mother and baby. Of course, addiction can affect the health of a growing fetus or embryo. But, is detoxing going to affect a fetus or embryo even more? Or, you may be wondering if detoxing while pregnant is safe for you as a pregnant woman or your pregnant loved one.

The Dangers of Continuing Drug Use While Pregnant

Because a pregnant mother provides all the nourishment a growing baby needs in the womb, the baby can be affected by other substances administered into the body. This means that when a pregnant mother uses drugs or alcohol, the baby also does. When this happens and the baby is born, there is a high chance that the baby will be born with a dependency to the drug the mother utilized, resulting in the baby experiencing life-threatening withdrawal symptoms after birth. When compared to the risk of detox during pregnancy, these withdrawal symptoms are even more dangerous. So, all in all, it is best for the unborn baby if the mother goes through detox.

When should an Addicted Pregnant Mother go through Detox?

Immediately. The more a pregnant mother uses drugs or alcohol, the more risk the baby has of forming a dependency on the substance. For this reason, it’s imperative for an addicted pregnant woman to go through detox as soon as possible. Additionally, a growing fetus requires more and more nutrients for growth as pregnancy furthers. The sooner a pregnant mother detoxes, the less of a risk the baby has to experience both dependency and withdrawal symptoms post-birth. If you are a pregnant mother who has just found out and have been using drugs throughout pregnancy so far, there may still be time to detox and prevent your baby from forming a dependency. Even in the final stages of pregnancy, there is still time and hope for a pregnant woman to detox.

The Importance of Choosing Medical Detox During Pregnancy

Detox can be dangerous for even unpregnant addicted individuals. Withdrawal symptoms can cause high fever, seizures, increased heart rate, and even psychosis. Addictions to alcohol and heroin can even lead to life-threatening symptoms that can lead to death during detox. So, it’s even more important for pregnant women to be careful while their drug of choice exits their system during detox. Instead of choosing to detox from home, addicted pregnant women should seriously consider attending a medical detox facility. By doing so, addiction medical specialists can administer medications and provide guidance throughout the process so that both mother and baby remain comfortable and safe. If you are in need of a referral to a reputable detox facility that helps pregnant women safely detox before attending treatment, The Willow Place for Women can help. Contact us through our website today.

The Need for Treatment after Detoxing

A mother is a child’s first love. Children innocently depend on their mother for nutrients, comfort, care, and support. But, how can an addicted mother offer these necessities to a newborn child? The answer is that they can’t. That’s why it’s important for pregnant mothers addicted to drugs or alcohol to get the help they need after a detox program is complete. Treatment can help an addicted pregnant woman to learn how they can stay sober even after their baby is born. Are you or a loved one pregnant, struggling with addiction, has completed detox, or in need of treatment? Please give us a call today at 1-888-651-4212.


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