Taking a Look at Several of the Different Types of Trauma

Willow Place on July 6, 2018
Taking a Look at Several of the Different Types of Trauma

Trauma is a very serious thing. It can tremendously change a person’s life. When people go through traumatic experiences, they deal with some negative effects. Unfortunately, a lot of people may not even realize that they’re suffering from it. This might be due to a lack of information about it. But, whatever the reason, people who are suffering from the effects of trauma often go without treatment for quite a while. However, it’s important to get people the help they need so that the trauma no longer has a negative impact on their lives. There are several different types of trauma. But, the right kind of treatment can help people who are dealing with any kind of traumatic effects.

The Different Types of Trauma

First, let’s define what trauma is. It’s an event that deeply and negatively impacts a person. Trauma is an experience that causes distress. Trauma can be an emotional or physical disturbance. As we stated a little while ago, trauma can come in various forms. The different types of trauma are caused by varying triggers. Let’s take a look at some of the things that cause different types of trauma:

  • Social Trauma: This is due to emotional abuse from others in the community. It may involve bullying from schoolmates or another part of one’s community.
  • Childhood Trauma: This can be physical or sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, malnourishment, etc.
  • Complex Trauma: This kind of trauma can affect people for years. It is usually due to traumatic experiences that took place in childhood. The individual who deals with complex trauma may continue to relive those experiences through recurring dreams or reminders of the events.

These are only a few of the different types of trauma. But, trauma can be caused by many other things. Some people may be experiencing its effects as a result of sexual assault. This includes rape and any other kind of sexual harassment. Others may deal with trauma as a result of witnessing a violent act. This often happens to those who have been in combat. It can also occur in the lives of those who have seen people get hurt or killed. A person might also experience trauma after seeing a horrible car accident take place. Some go through trauma as it relates to grief. This might happen after the loss of a close friend or family member.

Treating Trauma

Since there are different types of trauma, there must also be different types of treatment. Every case is unique. People who are living with trauma have gone through very specific things in life. So, there is no cookie cutter approach involved in the treatment of trauma patients. Facilities like Willow Place for Women work to help people overcome the effects of trauma through therapy and other forms of treatment. In many cases, people who are living with this issue are unsure of when or how it all started. Something might have happened when they were children. They may not really remember all of the details of the experiences, but they certainly deal with the impact of those events on a daily basis. Therapy seeks to uncover all of the underlying issues that cause the trauma to affect the person in treatment. Then, it equips patients with healthy ways of coping and dealing with the triggers and effects of trauma.

If you or someone you know is going through life having to deal with trauma, know that there is hope and help. You are not alone. At Willow Place for Women, we know that it’s not easy to live with this issue. That’s why we offer treatment and support to those who need it. You can get the treatment that you need by contacting us today.

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