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Eat, Breathe, Thrive

An All-Inclusive Women’s Therapy

Asheville Drug Addiction Treatment Center | Willow Place for WomenHere at The Willow Place for Women, our number one priority is to help women achieve personal goals for recovery and health. And, we understand that no one single mode of therapy or treatment program is going to help every individual. It takes a number of approaches and a deep look into the self as well as outside influences. So, we offer a special, unique type of therapy program which aims to touch on a number of areas which affect most women looking for healing. Whether women are struggling with identity issues, self-image, substance abuse, trauma, or otherwise; everyone who comes to our mental health and drug addiction treatment center can benefit from our innovative therapy sessions called Eat, Breathe, Thrive.

Eat — Mindfulness Nutrition and Eating

Women struggling with eating disorders and/or substance abuse usually develop unhealthy eating patterns. Continuing with these unhealthy eating patterns once treatment ends can result in reverting back to past behaviors and thought patterns. So, it’s extremely important to develop new methods for eating and knowledge about nutrition. What we put into our bodies is important, but it’s also important that we understand why what we eat has a big impact on life. Our women’s therapy approaches work to help our clients better care for themselves. The “Eat” part of Eat, Pray, Thrive sessions addresses these issues so that recovering women can establish not only healthy eating patterns but healthy thoughts around eating. This can help to reduce the chances of relapse and also promote a life of wellbeing.

Breathe — Mindfulness Yoga

Asheville Drug Addiction Treatment Center | Willow Place for WomenMindfulness is the practice of being present. Far too often, individuals dealing with recovery from eating disorders or substance abuse patterns will feel shame or guilt from the past. Or, they may wonder about the future — who they are without their addiction or eating disorder or when/if they’re going to relapse. Neither looking back on the past or holding anxiety for the future are healthy ways of recovering. However, being in the present moment is the best thing a person can do. This way, they can handle emotions and issues they are dealing with NOW instead of worrying about something they can no longer or yet control.

Mindfulness Yoga is a type of yoga that includes mindfulness meditation. Yoga encourages participants to focus on their own bodies. This is achieved by slow breathing and using physical strength to stretch against the body’s weight. To be successful with yoga, an individual MUST remain present. So, it’s actually a great way to promote the idea of mindfulness. Practicing yoga also allows for a number of benefits for individuals in recovery. These benefits may include stress reduction, inner peace, mood regulation, and a developed spiritual connection.

Thrive — Body Image Confidence and Self-Worth

Both addiction and eating disorders are self-harming behaviors. Using substances and practicing unhealthy eating patterns may help to reduce painful emotions. Or, make a person feel more in control. But, in the long run, they do much more damage than good. Often, those dealing with addiction or eating disorders will have issues with body confidence and self-worth. Thus, making the long-term consequences of their self-harming behaviors justified. However, if one doesn’t work on these issues in treatment, they can definitely be a trigger for relapse in the future. So, during this type of therapy, we help women to identify their issues with both body image and self-confidence. And, establish helpful coping methods when these issues arise outside of a mental health or drug addiction treatment center.

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