Eating Disorder Aftercare

Aftercare During Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder recovery does not stop after treatment. Continued recovery involves careful planning and the use of gained skills to prevent reverting back to old eating habits. Willow Place for Women encourages women that receive treatment for these disorders to involve themselves with aftercare activities to prevent the risk of an eating disorder relapse. We begin working on an aftercare program with each client during treatment. And, complete it before they discharge.

What Can I Do After Eating Disorder Treatment?

Asheville Eating Disorder Recovery | Willow Place for WomenCounseling: Because the effects and emotions that come along with eating disorders don’t disappear overnight, continued counseling is encouraged during aftercare. Therapy gives a woman who is in eating disorder recovery a supportive, trustworthy, and understanding outlet. This way, they may review related emotions and coping skills comfortably and effectively.

Support Groups: Being surrounded by support and individuals that have empathy for those that have dealt with the perils of eating disorders is additional help during recovery aftercare. Finding local support groups that hold meetings will provide additional influence and motivation for long-term recovery success.

Healthy Lifestyle: Use knowledge you gain in treatment to implement it throughout daily life. Pre-planning healthy meals and brushing up on nutrition education will keep a woman recovering from an ED in top mental shape during recovery aftercare. Taking the knowledge you learn throughout treatment and using it will form a new, healthy lifestyle and provide great potential for success.

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