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Eating Disorder PHP

Our most intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment is our partial hospitalization program. For women who have already completed a residential treatment program for eating disorders, or for women who need the option for intensive outpatient treatment, the PHP is optimal. During this program, women have the opportunity to discover things about their disorder in a safe and supportive environment through the use of both individualized and group sessions.

What to Expect from Eating Disorder Treatment

Asheville Eating Disorder Treatment PHP | Willow Place for Women

Upon admission into treatment, every individual undergoes a case management evaluation. This is when the length of treatment and specific treatment program is selected between you and our case manager. Usually, when individuals come to us for help with an eating disorder, they are given the opportunity to enroll in the eating disorder partial hospitalization program. Because this program is on an outpatient basis, those enrolled in this specific program must either live off-campus or invest in our sober housing environment, which includes additional clinical integration and support. During your time spent in the eating disorder PHP, you can expect:

  •         30 hours of clinical therapy or treatment services each week
  •         Two lunches each week during cooking workshop
  •         One snack daily

Therapies Utilized During the Eating Disorder Treatment PHP

Individuals in this specific program have the opportunity to utilize a number of our services and therapies. Our therapy and educational sessions work specifically to address the underlying causes of eating disorders. And, to teach helpful relapse prevention skills to help women establish true and meaningful healing. Specific services available at the PHP eating disorder treatment North Carolina program location include:

DBT: Dialectical behavioral therapy intends to help individuals change negative thought patterns that encourage eating disorder behavior. Once a person is more in charge of the way they think, they can take control of how they behave. This specific therapy includes individualized sessions in which participants speak with a cognitive behavioral therapist in a safe and secluded environment.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Before true healing can begin, a person must both accept their issues and commit to a life of recovery. This type of therapy involves helping individuals accept their eating disorder condition. And, dedicate their lives to healing and recovery.

Group Therapies at Willow Place

Nutritional GroupsAsheville Eating Disorder Treatment PHP | Willow Place for Women: Group therapy sessions allow individuals in treatment to understand that they’re not alone by socializing with others dealing with similar situations. Also, they provide a setting in which people can practice techniques discovered throughout time in treatment.

Process Groups: Since we offer daytime outpatient treatment, those enrolled in the PHP will have the weekends to themselves. But, we want to make sure that all women in our care get the support they need every day. So, before and after each weekend, we offer process groups. During these groups, individuals set goals and discuss occurrences on the weekends.

Interpersonal Process: This type of individualized therapy aims to discover the underlying causes of eating disorders. Once it’s determined why an eating disorder develops, both therapists and the individual in treatment can determine the best methods to stress management, goal setting, finding meaning to life, and much more!

Supportive Therapies: Along with the therapy sessions listed above, the women enrolled in eating disorder PHP can take advantage of a number of supportive therapies which aim to provide additional support throughout the process of recovery. These include art therapy, movement therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and family involvement!

Get the Eating Disorder Treatment You Need Now

Want to see what life is like without the negative effects of an eating disorder? Our eating disorder PHP may be the treatment opportunity you need to establish a true life of healing and wellbeing. We offer the best outpatient eating disorder treatment in North Carolina for women.

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