How to Know if You Need Eating Disorder Treatment

Willow Place on December 4, 2017
How to Know if You Need Eating Disorder Treatment

So many young women suffer from body image issues which lead them to having a negative relationship with food and nutrition. There are various levels of this. Some women can easily snap out of it and all the while maintain a pretty healthy body weight and eating regimen. Other women however take things to the extreme and suffer from disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Eating disorder treatment is a must if you find yourself suffering quietly from one of these disorders. Things can get severe, fast, and irreparable damage to your health can be done if help is administered fast.

Do You Need Eating Disorder Treatment?

Let’s start off by saying that if you are even asking this question, or Googling it, chances are the answer is yes. If you are wondering if you need help, you most likely feel desperate enough to turn to someone on the outside to help you. Eating disorder treatment can save your life. Here are five other signs it is time to get professional help.

  1. You suffer from health issues due to your eating disorder. Unfortunately, many people scoff at the idea of eating disorders and think they are something you can easily just stop. The reality is that you can’t, and your health can suffer some serious consequences if it continues. Eating disorders have been known to cause hair loss, issues with the stomach and bowels, an irregular heartbeat, loss of menstruation, and in extreme cases, coma and death. If you find yourself experiencing any kind of health issue that is likely caused by your eating disorder, it is essential to get help as soon as possible before you turn into one of the extreme cases.
  2. Your body image is affecting your mental health. Do you obsess about every calorie? Do you stand in front of the mirror and have a terrible day if you think you look fat? Does your weight directly affect your mood and state of mind? If so, it is time to get help. You can be free of the grip of your eating disorder, which would allow you to focus on more healthy and positive things. If food and weight is occupying most of your thoughts, it is time to think seriously about eating disorder treatment.
  3. You have tried to get better yourself and it hasn’t worked. You tried to eat normally, or stopped binging and purging, but something always brings you back to it. Like drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders can be habitual, and professional help is necessary in order to break the cycle.
  4. You are secretive about your disorder and take measures to hide it. Lots of people who suffer from eating disorders wear baggy clothes to hide how skinny they are, or secretly hide food they aren’t eating so that people don’t realize that they are eating so few calories. As a general rule of thumb, if you feel the need to hide something so badly, it probably isn’t the right thing to do. Your best bet is to speak to someone you trust, and then seek eating disorder treatment.
  5. You feel like it is out of your control. Again, like addiction, you may find that you really want to stop eating so little, or binging and purging, or overeating. However, you simply cannot seem to break the habit. If you have tried to get healthier on your own but have had multiple failed attempts, seek professional help.

Receiving the Eating Disorder Treatment You Need

Eating disorder treatment will help you to unlearn bad habits and learn how to live a happy and healthy life. Distorted body image is very real, and something that many people with eating disorders suffer from. Together, we work with our clients so that they can see how beautiful they really are and everything that they have to offer. We can move past the emotional and physical drain of your eating disorder and move forward into a happy and healthy life!

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