The Use of Implementing Education Into Trauma Care

Willow Place on October 19, 2021
The Use of Implementing Education Into Trauma Care

Here at Willow Place for Women, we know how challenging it can be for women who have been impacted by trauma to finally get the care they need and deserve. That’s why we believe in an informed and educational approach for trauma care at our outpatient facility. Find out what that means for women who come to us for help with dealing with the effects of trauma in their lives.

What is Trauma Education?

Willow Place understands that many who deal with trauma may not understand the full severity of the impacts of living through trauma in their lives. Or, how it may lead to the development of concurring issues like substance abuse or eating disorders. So, we believe that it’s important to offer trauma education for those affected by trauma and the negative, debilitating side effects that trauma can have on women’s lives. Trauma education is a supportive and educational approach to teaching women who have experienced emotional, mental, physical, childhood, or sexual trauma about identifying the effects of trauma in their lives and the available support through treatment. This way, they are more informed about making decisions about trauma care and care for any concurring issues they may be experiencing.

Willow Place Offers Trauma-Informed Care

Along with assisting women who’ve lived through traumatic experiences to learn about trauma and available resources, we also offer trauma-informed care. But, what is trauma-informed care? It’s when trauma treatment is approached with informative knowledge about trauma that includes a sense of compassion for those affected by trauma. Plus, allows for the implementation of trauma care after carefully assessing an individual’s experience with trauma and other mental health issues and experiences that may have led to the development of these issues along the way in life.

Trauma-informed care works to provide:

  • an understanding of what trauma does and how various treatment is effective for different individuals depending on individual circumstances
  • a way to identify the impacts of trauma in people’s lives regardless of why they seek help
  • education about trauma throughout the treatment process so that those affected by trauma are more informed about the care they receive and what to expect as far as results
  • ways of managing symptoms of trauma to reduce the risk of relapse and further need for treatment care

Some of the Goals of Trauma-Informed Treatment Care

Trauma-informed care includes a number of principles to encourage effectiveness and usefulness to those who have been impacted by trauma including:

  • an environment of safety
  • support and community through group therapy and education
  • transparency and practicing of vulnerability to gain trust
  • patient empowerment and improved sense of self-worth
  • non-discrimination and inclusiveness (the acceptance that anyone can be affected by trauma)

Getting Trauma Help Through Trauma-Informed Care at Willow Place

Looking for a place that offers trauma-informed care and education for trauma care? Willow Place for Women is an outpatient, women’s only mental health facility. We offer mental health services including trauma therapy, treatment, and education. Learn more about our services and how we can help you or a loved one who’s struggling with the impacts of trauma today.

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