Event: Life

Dixie on November 4, 2015
Event: Life
Writing Group Directive: Write for 7 minutes, filling in the form with all the things your Higher Power gives you permission to feel, be, do, etc. Our intention was to explore the possibilities for new life.
After sharing this piece with the group, the writer reported that “for the first time” she felt genuinely grateful “to be an addict,” something she never thought would happen. She realized the intensity of her experience of life as a gift that she suddenly felt deeply after writing from her Higher Power’s perspective.

Event: Life

Date of event: D.O.B.

I give permission for my child, M.Y., to experience

All that this world has to offer. I give you the freedom to choose which path you desire at any given moment with the trust that I will always be there with you on whatever path. I will not let you stray the wrong way.

I give you permission to have as much control as you feel you need, while always being there to catch you when you fall.

You are free to feel any and every emotion that there is. The good, the bad, the pain, the growth.

I give you permission to have anger and sadness as much as is necessary so you can feel the most authentic happiness, peace, and love.

I give you permission to ask me anything you may need or want and promise I will listen. You have the freedom to say whatever you need or want to towards me, good or bad.

You can climb the highest mountain, swim in the deepest sea. Listen to the loudest music, sit in the quietest places.

You are free to be you and be free of all your burdens.


During the event, I can be reached anytime, from anywhere.

                                                                        Signature: H.P            

                                                                        Date:         10/29/2015

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