What to Expect When you Arrive at Treatment

Willow Place on May 6, 2016
What to Expect When you Arrive at Treatment

Congratulations, you are about to make a huge positive shift in your life. Deciding to come to drug and alcohol treatment is a big step and one that will undoubtedly give you the tools and support you need to restart your life in a healthy manner. If you have no idea what to expect when you arrive at rehab, you are not alone! Let us shed some light on what to expect when you arrive at your treatment facility.

The Intake.

When you arrive, you will need to participate in an Intake, which is where you sit down with one of the doctors and go over your history, psychological factors, drug use, alcohol use, and you will be drug tested. Don’t hold back during this meeting – it is important to be honest, sincere, and trust that no judgement will be made. You are here to fix your problems, and the first step is to bring those problems to light.

Personal items at rehabPersonal Belongings.

Say goodbye to your cell phone and other devices you can use to contact the outside world for the duration of your stay. The nurses and technicians will go through your belongings to make sure there is nothing illegal – drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc. They will remove anything that could be viewed as dangerous to you, and you will be able to keep clothing, books, journals, and all other personal items.


You can expect to surrender your medication, and this means everything – allergy meds, sleep meds, everything – to your nurse. They will take inventory of what you arrive with and make sure you get the proper dose of what you need every day. You can also expect to meet with a physician about additional medications to help you through your detox. The first few days you will be on a heavier set of medicine that will eventually taper off as you get cleared medically. This is to help prevent the negative effects of detox like seizures, withdrawal, nausea, hysteria, etc.

Living arrangements.

Unless you are paying extra, you can expect to be set up in a room with multiple twin beds, with a roommate or two. Bedding should be provided, but you can certainly bring your own. Towels, etc will be provided, but you can bring your own and definitely bring your own toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, and soap!

Rules.Expect Arrive Treatment

Be ready to follow them! You probably got to rehab by not being a great rule-follower to begin with, so now is the time to bite the bullet and listen to the rules of the establishment. They are designed to get you healthy and help you get the most out of your time there. Also, most places will have repercussions if you break the rules, up to and including being kicked out. You are here to better yourself, so make the best of it.


You are going to meet a lot of new people who will become your best friend in a matter of days. You will think you know these people inside and out but the truth is that everyone in rehab, especially the first few days, is incredibly vulnerable and unstable. While it is nice to get to know your peers and it is possible to form lasting relationships, try not to get caught up in the inevitable gossip and drama and remember that you are there to focus on yourself.

Remember, the next 42 days are meant for you to focus solely on bettering yourself and trying to heal. You have put your mind and body through a lot, and you have arrived at a place where you have an army of people who will help you recover and build the tools you need to prosper in the future.

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