Why Fall is a Great Time for Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Willow Place on October 23, 2019
Why Fall is a Great Time for Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Wondering when the best time to enter into outpatient eating disorder treatment may be? Well, in all reality, fall is a great season to consider getting professional help for eating disorders. And, the reasons this is true are many. In this article, we discuss why people living with eating disorders should consider getting help this time of year. And, provide ways for individuals to get the help they need before the holidays start rolling around the corner.

Increasing Overall Effectiveness of Eating Disorder Treatment

First and foremost, before you determine when a good time for getting help may be, one must understand that help is necessary. When people are forced to get professional help, their chances of a successful recovery isn’t very high. But, people who understand that treatment can be effective may be more willing to get the help they need.

Studies find that treatment for eating disorders is effective in helping people get better. So, it’s vital that those who struggle with eating disorders know this. This way, they can make the decision for themselves that treatment may be their best option. And, choose the best time of year for them to get the help they need.

Establish Healthier Mindsets and Behaviors before the Holidays

Why Fall is a Great Time for Outpatient Eating Disorder TreatmentThe holidays can be challenging for people who struggle with eating disorders. With all the Thanksgiving and Christmas foods likely to be available during this season, it can be triggering for people living with eating disorders. Plus, not only may the knowledge that holiday foods will be around every corner bring about extra stress but family can too.

During the holiday months, people are bound to spend more time with family members. And, unfortunately, not all family relationships are healthy. Spending more time around family and food during the holidays can be a challenge for people living with eating disorders. So, it’s a good idea to get professional help before the holidays roll around. This way, individuals can develop healthy coping mechanisms in the fall so they may utilize them in the winter and later on in life.

Prevent the Risk for Further Health Issues

If eating disorders are left untreated, there is more of a chance an individual will develop further health issues. A lack of nutrition can obviously lead to malnourishment. And, this malnourishment can lead to a number of other unhealthy side effects like:

  • A health issue known as Amenorrhea which is the absence of a period in women.
  • Halted and slowed physical growth and development in children and young adults.
  • Reduction of sexual libido in adults.

If you or a loved one living with an eating disorder doesn’t get help before these symptoms occur, there is still time. And, getting help NOW can be the difference in experiencing these side effects and not experiencing them at all.

Get the Most Out of Your Annual Insurance Plan

While not all insurance plans and companies are the same, many seem to offer plans that renew on January 1st of each year. So, benefits run out from an annual plan on December 31st. If this is the case for you and your insurance plan, choosing to get eating disorder help now, in the fall, may be a good idea. This way, you can take advantage of the insurance you’ve been paying for all year long. And, this investment doesn’t go to waste as it would if you waited for the new year to get help.

Taking Advantage of Academic Breaks

Many teens looking to get help for an eating disorder may benefit from going to outpatient treatment in the fall. This is because they may have to take less time off of school to go to various treatment sessions. And, can take advantage of fall break, Thanksgiving, and any time off given for Christmas. Furthermore, if you choose an outpatient eating disorder treatment facility like Willow Place for Women, you can take advantage of nighttime sessions. And, planning around you or your child’s academic schedule.

Get Help for Eating Disorders This Fall at Willow Place for Women

If you, your daughter, or your loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, you can get help this fall. Consider the outpatient eating disorder treatment programs we offer at our Asheville, NC campus at Willow Place for Women.

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Here, we help women struggling with various mental health issues, including eating disorders, establish healthier mindsets, behaviors, and lifestyles. To learn more about how we can help you this fall, contact us today!

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