Family Systems

Family Systems Therapy Group For Women in Asheville, North CarolinaMost addicted women come from dysfunctional households – and though the term ‘dysfunction’ may provoke specific images of abuse, neglect, and the like, the truth is that dysfunction can show up in a host of ways. Some women come from heavily codependent family systems, while others come from families that both exemplified and condoned addictive behaviors (though perhaps not always so blatantly). Addiction is frequently referred to as a ‘family disease’ by addiction specialists – and for good reason. Not only is the entire family unit deeply affected by the devastation of substance dependency, but the family is almost always in some way responsible for the outcome of the addict or alcoholic.

Family Systems Therapy Group at Willow Place

In this specific group, women will be given the opportunity to explore their history of addiction and relapse prevention planning through the lens of the family system. Topics include (but are not limited to): defense mechanisms, the roles we play, the masks we wear, communication styles, trust and boundaries, self care, attachments and relationships, and coping skills. Both family-of-origin and current relationships will be explored. We focus on breaking patterns of codependency and abuse, and work towards the ability to maintain healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships with members of the same sex and the opposite sex.

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