Here at Willow Place for Women, our specialized treatment for eating disorders and substance abuse is a bit different than your average facility specializing in these approaches. Our gender specific and dual diagnosis focuses offer individuals an extremely specialized and personal experience with healing from these mental health issues. But, since we differ from your average treatment center, individuals usually have many questions before enrolling. Here, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our programs and services to offer a better idea on what time spent at our facility will be like. This way, you can have more confidence in your decision to get the help you need!

Answering Questions about our Women’s Help Center

Q: How long does treatment last?

A: Usually, patients spend anywhere from 3 to 6 months in addiction or eating disorder treatment. Most patients enroll into the partial hospitalization program and then graduate to our intensive outpatient and/or outpatient day programs. Finally, once treatment concludes, individuals have the option to invest in sober living opportunities which can help to prevent relapse and establish new, healthy lifestyle routines. With any route, it’s proven that the longer individuals stay in treatment, the higher their chance to retain successful sobriety.

Q: What will I be doing during my time in treatment?

A: Here at Willow Place for Women, we offer a number of services all individuals can take advantage of during their time spent with us. These include holistic therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, 12 step meetings, healing arts sessions, individual therapy, family therapy sessions, educational sessions, and much more! You can be sure that anytime you come to treatment, you’ll be able to take advantage of some type of service which can help evoke the healing you seek.

Q: How can I pay for addiction or eating disorder treatment?

A: We do accept insurance for our treatment programs. However, the type of insurance you have or your treatment plan may determine how much or how little your insurance will cover. Before treatment, it’s suggested that you talk with your insurance company about how much they’re willing to cover so that you can be prepared to pay the remaining balance. In some cases, insurance companies will reimburse individuals for treatment once they’ve graduated, or only offer to pay a fraction of the cost. This is why it’s best to know what you’re insurance covers before enrolling. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance won’t cover all the costs of treatment, we accept all major credit cards and cash.

Q: I have medication I need to take daily. Will I be able to utilize it throughout my time in treatment?

A: Upon initial assessment, if you have any prescription or over-the-counter medications you need to take regularly, they will be recorded and approved by our staff. Throughout your time in treatment, you will be responsible for the monitoring and administering of your own medications.

Q: Can I take my own vehicle to the treatment facility?

A: If you wish to drive yourself to treatment daily, you are required to sign in at the front desk no later than 8:45 a.m. During the day while you’re investing your time in treatment, you will not be allowed to return to your car. While we will assume that your vehicle does not possess drug paraphernalia, if it comes to our attention that it may, we will ask to inspect the vehicle in your presence.

Q: Will I be drug tested during my time in treatment?

A: Yes, all individuals are drug tested upon their initial assessment and also at unappointed times during treatment. If an individual fails to comply with a drug test, the test will be deemed positive. Drug testing is an extra treatment fee which will be billed either to an individual’s account balance or their insurance.

Q: Is there a dress code for treatment?

A: Yes, individuals are required to dress appropriately during their time spent within our treatment walls. Proper wear may include dressed and skirts of appropriate lengths, pants and trousers, shorts, bras, blouses, and nice jeans. Inappropriate attire may include shirts which show midriff, clothing portraying offensive/drug-related images, sunglasses, short-shorts, dresses and skirts without length, halter tops, bare feet, bandanas, low-cut shirts, low-cut jeans, and any seductive wear. The appropriateness of any attire is at the full discretion of the staff at Willow Place for Women. If an individual’s dress is not deemed appropriate by staff members, the individual will be sent home to change and not allowed to return until appropriate clothing is worn. Any absence due to inappropriate clothing will be recorded and unexcused.

Q: What can’t I take to treatment?

A: For obvious reasons, there are a few things not allowed into treatment. These items may include unapproved medications, radios, syringes, aerosol cans, electronic game systems, weapons of any kind, nasal sprays, and cameras/camcorders. We want our treatment center to be a place of safety for individuals dealing with addiction and eating disorders. So, we do not allow these potentially harmful materials. And to protect patient confidentiality, we do not allow any pictures or video recording at our facility.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: If you have any other questions which are not answered on this page, we will be happy to help! Call us today at 828-707-6084 to speak confidentially with one of our experienced representatives!

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