Here at Willow Place for Women, our specialized treatment for eating disorders and substance abuse is a bit different than your average facility specializing in these approaches. Our gender specific and dual diagnosis focuses offer individuals an extremely specialized and personal experience with healing from these mental health issues. But, since we differ from your average treatment center, individuals usually have many questions before enrolling. Here, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our programs and services to offer a better idea on what time spent at our facility will be like. This way, you can have more confidence in your decision to get the help you need!

Frequently Asked Questions About Willow Place for Women

Admissions Information 

Is Willow Place for Women an inpatient or an outpatient facility? 

Willow Place for women is an outpatient day treatment facility, offering Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient treatment.  

Where is Willow Place for Women located? 

Willow Place for Women is located in Asheville, North Carolina.

What insurance does Willow Place accept? 

Willow Place accepts all major insurances. We are currently out-of-network with most insurance providers. We also accept TRICARE. However, we are in-network with BCBS.  

Does Willow Place for Women accept Medicare or Medicaid? 

Unfortunately, not at this time. Willow Place does not accept Medicare or Medicaid, but we are more than happy to refer you to a facility that does. 

How long is the program? 

On average, Willow Place for Women is between 3 and 6 months, but program length is also contingent upon the needs of the client and insurance authorization. 

How do I get admitted? 

Admission to Willow Place for Women can be easily arranged by contacting one of our Admissions Coordinators at (828) 707-6084. They can assist with insurance verification and payment questions. If you are not coming directly from another facility, a pre-admission assessment over the phone and a medical clearance are required prior to admission to ensure appropriate placement. The phone assessment usually takes 20-30 minutes. A medical clearance will need to be done on your own time with a doctor of your choice or you can go to Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care locally in Asheville as we are contracted with them for medical screenings. Barring special circumstances, admissions can easily be arranged within the same day as your original phone call or within a few days. 

Do you provide transportation from the bus station or the airport when someone is arriving? 

Yes, one of the house managers will be there to pick the new client up.  

What airport should I fly into? 

Willow Place suggest for new arrivals to fly into Asheville Regional Airport AVL (10-15 minute drive) and/or Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport GSP (45-60 minute drive).   

Will transportation be provided from the airport to the facility? 

Willow Place will provide transportation from Asheville Regional Airport AVL (10-15 minute drive) and/or Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport GSP (45-60 minutes).  

What should I bring to Willow Place for Women treatment?

  1. Insurance Card
  2. Drivers license  
  3. Prescription/Med Card 
  4. All medications (in original bottles) 
  5. Lunch on scheduled days 
  6. Cell phone 
  7. Treatment “homework”- if applicable 

Will my loved ones be contacted once I arrive at the facility? 

When you arrive at Willow Place for Women, you will have your cell phone and will be able to contact your family or people of choice to let them know you arrived.  Therapists will contact the appropriate family members within 7 days of admission to coordinate family sessions and clinical updates. 

How many beds do you have in housing? 

We have three houses which in total hold 27 women.

Are private rooms available in housing? 

No, private rooms are not available in housing. Our bedrooms house 2 clients, except the master bedrooms which houses up to 3 clients. Willow Place houses are 4-bedroom, 3 bath houses which are located directly beside each other.   

What is a good weekly allowance for housing? 

On average, between $50 to $75 a week is a good allowance. We do not like our client to have cash, so we recommend debit cards, gift cards, or prepaid cards.  

Is transportation provided to treatment? 

Yes, transportation is provided to and from Willow Place Treatment. 

Do I need to bring lunch to treatment? 

Yes, the clients are responsible to bring their own lunch 4 out of 5 days a week. Lunch is provided for the PHP clients on Thursday’s via a cook shop with our Licensed and Registered Dietitian. 

Should I bring my medications to treatment? 

Please bring any medications you are currently prescribed in the original prescription bottle to Willow Place for Women the day you admit into our program. 

Do clients get drug tested in treatment as well as in housing? 

Yes, our clients are drug tested at random in both treatment and housing.   

Payment Information  

Do you accept insurance? 

Willow Place for Women can work with most private and commercial insurance policies. We are currently out of network with must major managed care companies, including TRICARE.  However, we are in-network with BCBS. We are certainly able to work with many out-of- network plans in a manner that will not hinder your access to our outpatient treatment facility. Although private and/or commercial insurance plans may cover a portion of the treatment costs of our program, there may still be a deductible or an out of pocket cost that applies and will need to be met or paid upon admission.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid? 

Unfortunately, Willow Place for Women does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. If you are unable to private pay to attend our facility, please contact one of our Admissions Coordinators in order to obtain a referral to a Medicare or Medicaid-contracted facility at (828) 707-6084. 

What are your private pay rates? 

Our private pay rates are calculated based upon a per diem (“per day”) rate and will vary depending upon length of stay and program enrollment. Please call our Admissions Department at (828) 707-6084 for your individualized price quote and payment options. 

What forms of payment are accepted? 

We accept all major credit cards, certified or cashier’s checks, and cash. If your credit card is linked to your bank account, your bank may have a daily limit imposed and you will need to contact your bank to temporarily lift this limit. All payments for admission are due BEFORE the client starts Willow Place for Women to ensure payment and start day. After admission, all payments are due the 1st of each month with late fees that may apply if payments are late past the 5th of each month. 

Do you offer payment plans for any remaining insurance cost? 

Yes, we are happily able to make a payment plan extending over a few months.  

If I leave treatment early, what is your refund policy? 

If the discharge is considered a completion, refund will be distributed upon a daily pro-rate basis within 14 to 21 business days of discharge. If the discharge is considered Against Medical Advice (A.M.A.), Against Staff Advice (A.S.A), or Therapeutic Discharge (T.D.), a limited refund policy may be instituted depending on the individual circumstances. If a relapse happens, NO refund will be given for Willow Place Treatment or in Willow Place Housing, but in this case we will assist in finding the appropriate treatment facility for the client and make any necessary referrals. Any pending pharmacy or lab charges will be deducted from a pending refund. 


We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about Willow Place for Women and the admissions process. Please feel free to all (828) 707-6084 to speak to our admissions team. 


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